Listing 4 Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders in U.K.

FBA is an abbreviation for Amazon Fulfillment Amazon. Amazon provides sellers with a variety of services, including packaging, storage, and shipping assistance. It helps alleviate some of the sellers’ responsibilities and provides them with more flexibility in their Amazon business. Merchants can ship their products directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre, which will be stored until sold.

U.S.Amazon employees organize, package, and ship the items on the vendor’s behalf when a customer orders. However, sellers must weigh the costs of FBA service against the costs of manual storage, packaging, and shipping.

Now, let us tackle the best FBA freight forwarders available in the U.K. to help you jumpstart your FBA journey!


Lists of the Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders in the U.K.

  • Flexport
  • Freightos
  • First Choice Shipping
  • Shippo

To help you get to know the mentioned companies above, we have curated specific details for each of the nine freight forwarding companies in Shanghai.


Four of the Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarders in the U.K.


1. Flexport

Overview of the Company

Location:  30 Stamford St, South Bank, London SE1 9LS, United Kingdom +44 (20) 38902525

Flexport logo

Flexport is the only supplier that links the dots to deliver a more modern, considerably improved freight forwarding experience for businesses of all sizes. The company’s objective is to simplify and make global trade accessible to everyone.

Flexport now serves over 10,000 clients and suppliers in more than 200 countries, providing a comprehensive range of services including ocean, air, truck, and rail freight, drayage and cartage, warehousing, customs brokerage, financing, and insurance – all of which are informed and facilitated by their software platform.

Flexport believes that all persons should conduct business efficiently regardless of geographical borders, political aims, or other constraints. As a result, they are developing the world’s first Global Trade Operating System. This strategic operating model integrates technology and analytics, logistical infrastructure, and on-the-ground supply chain expertise.

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Offered Services:

  • Ocean Freight (FCL): Yes
  • Ocean Freight (LCL): Yes
  • Air Freight: Yes


2. Freightos


Overview of the Company

Founded: 2012
Awards (Partial List)
  • Gartner Cool Vendor – Supply Chain Services (2016)
  • Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Company (Israel)

Flexport logo

Freightos® is a shipment reservation system that operates on the internet. We’re inspired by how digitalization has transformed passenger transportation and retail, and we’re bringing those same benefits to global trade., WebCargo, and Freightos Data are Freightos Group business segments that facilitate global trade by combining cutting-edge technology, data, and a platform that connects thousands of global logistics providers, importers, airlines, ocean liners, and top technology companies.

Because of the consolidation of thousands of importers and exporters on one platform, every customer benefits from the bulk purchasing power traditionally reserved for high-volume importers. Read more about top freight forwarders in canada.

You save money when logistics providers compete for your business. Importer reviews and internal data are used to track performance in the marketplace model, ensuring high service levels.

Compare air, ocean, and truck freight quotes from 75+ suppliers to find the best price/transit time combination to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Navigate Amazon shipping requirements with the help of Amazon shipping experts and in-app solutions like palletization and labeling, which make inventory replenishment a breeze.

Offered Services:

  • Ocean Freight (FCL): Yes
  • Ocean Freight (LCL): Yes


3. First Choice Shipping

Overview of the Company

Founded: 2015
Headquarter: 4522 11th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States of America

First Choice Shipping Logo

First Choice Shipping wants to be the most customer-focused company in the world by prioritizing individual needs.

The organization’s objective is to improve the value of international freight forwarding by offering the most cost-effective options for your company.

They uphold their promises by empathizing with our clients’ beliefs and interests, being adaptable, and investing consistently in the global expansion of our company. First Choice Shipping brings together the knowledge of seasoned industry professionals from a variety of cultural backgrounds to provide superior logistical solutions to its clients. Feel free to visit out list of the top 10 freight forwarders in China

Offered Services:

  • Ocean Freight (FCL): Yes
  • Ocean Freight (LCL): Yes
  • Air Freight: Yes
  • Trucking Freight: Yes


4. Shippo

Overview of the Company

Founded: 2015
Headquarter: Shippo Ltd, 35 Ormside Way, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2LW

Shippo Logo

Offered Services:

  • Ocean Freight (FCL): Yes
  • Ocean Freight (LCL): Yes
  • Air Freight: Yes
  • Trucking Freight: Yes


The Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder in China


Overview of the Company

Origin:   Guangdong, China
Brand Name: FBABEE
Via:   Direct Flight
Shipment Type:  All Types
Service:  Door to Door Shipping
Warehouse:  14 Days Free Warehouse Storage
Exceptional Service:  Full Range Prep Services
Location:  #302, Bld D, New Retail Digital Industrial Zone, Xixiang Street, Bao’An, 518100, Guangdong Province, China

FBABEE Freight Forwarders Logo Graphics

FBABEE is a full-service Prep and Ship company dedicated to assisting customers in focusing and growing their businesses and based in both China and the United States. The Chinese side is in charge of product preparation and forwarding, while the US side is in charge of customs clearance, taxes, delivery to the AMZ warehouse, and serving as a backup in case of transportation problems.

The good news is that they guarantee one-on-one consulting and world-class service, ensuring that your money is well spent. There are no further charges. They charge exactly what they quote. Ground shipping and customs clearance are also included. When exporting from China to the United States, you have several options that will make the process much smoother.

FBABEE works with customers to assist them in managing their inventory and deliver products from China to Amazon in a timely and effective manner. Why do customers love FBABEE? Check out their exciting offers and accessible services to all of their clients! 

Offered Services

  • Air + Express Freight: YES
  • Sea Freight: YES
  • Express Shipping: YES

Additional Services

  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) Labeling
  • Bundling
  • Packaging
  • Warning and Other Labels
  • Poly Bagging
  • Market Material
  • 14 Days Storage

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Customers frequently inquire about the status of items they have ordered. Clients will be irritated if the delivery date is changed, and they may leave a negative review on your website and social media, causing your company’s reputation to suffer. Any online store must strive to minimize delivery delays, as they can stifle the company’s growth.

FBABEE is one of the best FBA freight forwarders in the world. They can assist you in receiving your products quickly and securely. They expedite, simplify, and reduce the cost of Amazon warehouse shipping and FBA preparation.

Contact FBABEE as soon as possible if you require additional specific services, such as a lower shipping charge, a shorter shipping duration, or assistance with logistical concerns.

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