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5 Benefits of Proper Packaging under Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

As an Amazon FBA seller, proper packaging matters greatly for successful shipments to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Listed below are 5 reasons why getting packaging right is crucial.

Comprehensive Amazon Product Packaging and Label Requirements


Amazon Product Packaging Requirements

If you’re a private seller on Amazon, you should package your products to build a solid brand to impress your customers. That’s why you must comply with Amazon FBA’s strict product packaging requirements to protect your brand’s products better.

Amazon FBA Barcodes and Labels

As part of Amazon FBA criteria, all products are expected to have UPC or FNSKU barcodes on the product packaging. Also, you may need to label Transparency Authenticity Code, Suffocation Warning, Country of Origin, Sold as Set. Learn more about these requirements on label size, placement, label type, etc., below!

Must-known Amazon FBA Shipping Box Packaging and Label Requirements

Amazon FBA Box Requirements

Amazon FBA sets requirements on shipping boxes from 5 aspects of box type, box dimensions, box weight, box content, and packing materials generally. Remember to use transparent tape when sealing the shipping box!

Amazon FBA Box Label Requirements

Aside from Amazon’s requirements on shipping boxes, you are expected to have several labels on the shipping boxes for easy tracking and clear instructions for Amazon workers. Also, you must ensure your shipments have the correct label. Some of the label requirements we’ll discuss here are; FBA shipment labels, carrier labels, etc. Also, Amazon sets requirements on a label printer, label size, label type, and placement.

Box Labeling Requirements

Best Practice of Amazon FBA Pallet and Labeling Requirements


Amazon Pallet Requirements

Amazon set requirements discussed here include the pallet type, weight, size, and how to build, seal, and load the pallets.

Amazon Pallet Labeling Requirements

To better track your pallets and guide the works of Amazon warehouse workers, Amazon FBA requires putting some labels on pallets, including Pallet ID label, Pallet number label, single ASIN label, do not break stretch wrap label, etc. Amazon FBA sets requirements on label type, label size, etc. Follow through as we discuss these requirements in detail.


Useful Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements Checklist PDF

This is a BONUS for you! To prepare your shipments, you can download and share this checklist with your freight forwarders, suppliers, or 3PL warehouse.

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Amazon Product Packaging Requirements Checklist

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Amazon FBA Box Packaging Requirements Checklist

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Amazon FBA Pallet Packaging Requirements Checklist


Although Amazon prep requirements seem complicated and cumbersome, involving a lot, proper packaging benefits more in Amazon FBA shipments.
We organize these Amazon packaging guidelines to help you easily understand the requirements and seamlessly apply them in practice. Just save time to grow your business rather than being a prep expert...

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