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FBABEE is a logistical company with years of experience building and managing FBA businesses. Our FBA businesses have taught us  all about the complex logistics of transporting inventory from manufacturers all the way to FBA warehouses. 

Our team has extensive experience in sourcing, exporting, and quality control for foreign trade services, which gives us unique insight into the best practices and ways of moving items internationally.

We are here to help you streamline your operations and eliminate pain points, so that your business can flourish.

FBABEE Dongguan Warehouse Team
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Built by successful Amazon sellers, FBABEE is your strategic FBA freight forwarding partner.

Our shipping and transportation processes were designed with our customers in mind, and can be tailored to fit your unique business needs.

We transport inventory from China to Amazon warehouses around the world, efficiently and securely, all while streamlining your shipping workflow with more add-on services that help enhance the products you sell.

From pre-shipment quality control, kitting and bundling items together, and precise freight consolidation, FBABEE’s got you covered.

Partner with us and do away with the complicated processes FBA sellers face on the daily.

Our mission

To link global logistics and warehousing networks, eliminate overstock and shortages, and become the trusted logistics partner for e-commerce sellers.

Meet Our Team

Our China-based FBA freight forwarding experts are dedicated, detailed logistics specialists that are here to support your business throughout the shipping process. FBABEE’s personalized service, attention to detail, and dedicated professionalism ensure your inventory moves door-to-door without holdups or unexpected delays.

FBA Shipping Sales Manager


FBA Shipping Sales Manager

FBA Shipping Consultant


FBA Shipping Consultant

Customer service supervisor


Customer Service Supervisor

FBA Shipping Consultant


FBA Shipping Consultant

Customer service


Customer Service

FBABEE Product manager

Can zhang

Product Manager

Human Resources

Hangyu liu

Human Resources

Operating Support


Operation Support

We are always ready to help you

By handling all your shipping and logistics needs, our team can help you grow your FBA business. We look forward to showing you the value of our services and becoming your preferred freight forwarding partner.

Our History

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Having experienced all the same pain points and shortcomings while shipping and transporting our own inventory, we launched FBABEE to improve the quality of logistic services that are available to FBA sellers.

As FBABEE continues to grow, we look forward to helping our new clients grow their FBA businesses just as fast!

In May 2023 we expanded to a much larger
11,000 m² warehouse

Our team expanded into a new
office in July 2022

In March 2020 we moved into a new,
3 000 m² warehouse

FBABEE was founded
in October 2018


See How FBABEE Can Support Your Business Today

Whether your business needs shipping services, inventory consolidation, kitting items from multiple suppliers, or any of our specialized add-on services, we can streamline and simplify the logistics for you.

Contact us today for a free quote and learn more about how our dedicated team can support you. Why wait?

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