​​Seven Ways to Do Amazon FBA Product Research

As an Amazon seller, it is imperative that you know the best products to sell. Remember that Amazon has become a huge online marketplace, and there is a myriad of sellers that use this platform to sell their products. If you want your Amazon seller business to do well, you should make sure to do research on all the products that you will sell. 

By conducting product research, you will be able to pinpoint the best product trends. By doing so, you will at least know which products you should invest in. 

This blog will introduce what are good products for Amazon beginners, and seven ways to do Amazon FBA product research, helping you find the right products. 

What is Amazon FBA Product Research

Amazon product research is the process of analyzing marketing trends in order to choose the best items to sell. 

The key idea is to search for products that you could get for a cheaper price, and still sell for a higher profit margin. It is important that you choose the best products because if you choose a bad product, you will sell poorly, causing your Amazon business to suffer.

what is amazon product research
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What are Good Products for Amazon Beginners     

There is an old saying that it is better to teach a man how to fish than to just give him a fish. This means that it is better to teach a person to do something than to do it for him. 

The same saying could also go for choosing the products you sell. If you know how to choose the best products, you will be able to know which ones will sell best. You won’t need to get advice on what products to sell. Here are common features to look out for when choosing products.

what is good products for amazon beginners
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1.Essential Product

If you are going to choose a product, it is important that you look for four key attributes. 

  • The product must be commonly used in daily life.
  • It should also have long-term and stable demand.
  • If possible, the product should also have a relatively large number of consumers.
  • Product style, appearance, and color are not important factors for consumers to choose products.
kitchen timer is essential products
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For example, a kitchen timer and phone case may seem like essential products. But phone cases are not essential products. Customers will usually consider style, design, and even color when buying one.

2.Lightweight and small products

Yet another feature that you should take into consideration is the size and weight of your products. It is better if you choose lightweight and small products because they can reduce shipping and storage fees. They are also easier to pack up.

3.Price Between 10-50 Dollars

When it comes to choosing your products, it is important that you choose a product with a price that is within your reach. You should not choose products that are too expensive because they will affect your capital turnover. If possible, you should have a budget between 10 to 50 dollars.

4.Unbranded Products

It is best that you use unbranded products. This will allow you to set up your own private-label product company, and get more profits in the long run. 

5.No Infringement issues with products

A good product also can’t have infringement issues. Amazon protects seller’s trademarks, copyrights, patents, and right of publicity. If there is any infringement, Amazon will strictly punish infringing sellers.  

As a result, before listing a product on Amazon, you must ensure that you have the legal rights to sell it. Images, logos, and descriptions are easy to infringe factors. 

6.Less competitive products

Yet another feature that you should look for in a product, is that it has fewer than 100 homepage reviews on Amazon. This will ensure that the market is not saturated with the product and that there is less competition. It will also make the products less expensive when you buy them in bulk.

7.No liquids, fragile, electronic products

When it comes to choosing a product, it is best that you avoid products that are liquid, fragile, or electronic. These kinds of products are harder to ship and store, and they also require higher fees and more documentation.  For example, if you are going to ship electronic products, you will need to file  UN38.3 and MSDS reports. You will also need to pay a dangerous goods surcharge as well. 

no liquids and fragile products
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How to Do Product Research for Amazon 

If you want to get the best products for your Amazon seller business, it is important that you know where to conduct your research. Here are seven sources for conducting Amazon product research. 

Social media

When it comes to choosing the best products for your Amazon seller business, it is a good idea that you use social media.  

It is a very potent resource because when a product is popular on social media, it will have a large number of users. This product will have the chance to become a blockbuster.

Some great examples of popular social media sites that you could use are Kickstarter, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

For example, you may want to use Kickstarter to do product research.  It is a website that allows users to share their ideas for a creative project. Users will decide on a funding goal and a campaign duration between 1 and 60 days. 

kickstarter to do amazon product research

It is a website where creatives could bring their ideas to life, and get the right funding for it. The site also has various products that are categorized into comics, illustrations, design, tech, film, food, craft, games, music, etc. There are various products on this website where you could get ideas for your Amazon seller’s business. 

Amazon Bestsellers

You could also use Amazon as a means to do product research. For example, you could search for a product such as a sleep mask.

amazon besrsellers to do product research

All you need to do is put the product name on the search bar. You should find product details, and click the “See Top 100 in Health & Household tab.  

top 100 in health&household

After clicking the tab, you should look for the best sellers in Health & Household. 

best sellers in health & household

On the other hand, if you want to know the bestsellers of all categories, you could click the “any department tab”.

best sellers of all categories

When you look for products through the Amazon bestsellers tab, you should have these key objectives in mind. 

  • To identify the most popular products on Amazon. 
  • To analyze the key characteristics of popular products
  • If you are going to invest money in these products, you should have a keen interest in them.
  • You should also take your budget into account. You should at least have enough money and resources to invest in these products. 

Amazon’s new releases, Movers & shakers, Most wished for

While the Amazon bestsellers list is a good source, there may be products that have too much fierce competition. 

Should you want to choose a new product, you can also focus on specific categories. These categories are:

New Releases: You could use this category to discover what’s selling well right now. You will also know which products are about to be released. In the same way with the best sellers list, you should pinpoint the best products, and base your research on similar products that have just been released. 

Movers &Shakers: If you want to discover which products have increased or decreased in popularity during the past 24 hours, you should check out the Movers & shakers category. This is an efficient method that will allow you to check if a potential product is worth investing in. 

Most Wished For: This category will allow you to view products that have been added the most to gift lists or are ordered as gifts. The best aspect of this category is that it will allow you to see which products are trending. 


Another way you could do product research, is to check out your competition.

You should take the time to scout out your competition, and check out what products they are selling. You may also check out the bad reviews on their products.

Yet another way you could do research on products, is to check out their daily sales. You could also check out the number of feedback in the last 30 days. These are approximately the current average daily order for each shop. 

Google Trends

If you want an even more efficient way to do research on potential Amazon products, you should check out Google trends. It is a tool that allows you to set up Amazon product alerts. If there is a trending or popular topic, you will instantly receive notifications. 

google trend to do amazon product research

The best thing about this research tool is that even though you are not directly notified of potential products, you will still get an inkling of the most relevant subjects or stories that will affect your product and business needs. 

You can also use Google Trends directly. All you need to do is choose the country. Search for a specific product, and click the web search tab. This will allow you to see the results of all related products. 


Yet another way you could conduct product research, is to check with your supplier. Your supplier will most likely have worked with various other Amazon sellers. They may also know what product is new and popular.

Remember that your supplier already has inside information on which products sell the most. Aside from getting information from your supplier, it is also a good idea to patronize a single supplier. By doing so, you will have access to these popular products, and even get discounts and freebies from your supplier.


Aside from a means to research the best products to sell, yet another factor that you should take into account is your budget. Even if the product is a best-seller, if it is too expensive to buy in bulk, then there is really no point in selling the product.

You should do a cost estimate of all the products that you are planning to sell. If you are just starting out and could be considered a small seller. 

As a seller with a small number of funds, you should know how to limit your product choices. Your products should be smaller sized, lightweight, have a lower unit price, and is easier to ship and deliver. With these key characteristics, you will have products that be shipped quickly and replenished easily. 

On the other hand, if you are a big seller, you should choose products that have a higher unit price. It should also have a heavy weight and a large volume. Your products should also be seaworthy. If your products are not geared for sea transportation. This will increase your shipping costs. 

Amazon FBA Product Research Checklist 

If you are going to choose a product for your Amazon seller’s business, it is important that you have a product checklist that you could consult. 

First things first, you should choose at least 15 products, and then put them in your product list. If you are going to choose products for your products list, you should know the key features to look for and which ones to avoid.

amazon fba product research checklist
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Here are the product features that you should look for:

  • Long life cycle: You should choose products that are as long-lasting as possible. 
  • Relatively low competition: While your product should be popular, it should not be too popular because it has too much competition. 
  • It should be within your budget: The product should be of the best quality, but also not too expensive that you won’t make a profit. 
  • They must be small and lightweight: The product should be of a standard size and should fit packaging the size of a shoe box.
  • They should be easy to package and ship to all Amazon warehouses and customers: If you are going to choose a product, it should be portable and durable enough to package and ship. 

Here are product features that you should avoid:

  • Short life cycle: You should invest in products that are long-lasting. If you choose a product that has a short life cycle. When the popularity of the product fades, your sales will drop significantly. 
  • High competition: You should avoid products that have too many sellers. Avoid products that have thousands of reviews on the first page.
  • Over your budget: Avoid products that are too expensive. 
  • It is difficult to package and ship: You should avoid products that are too big or have components that could get lost. 
  • The product has high shipping fees: You should avoid products that are too big or difficult to ship. These could lead to high shipping fees. 
  • Easy legal infringement: You should avoid products that have trademark, copyright, and patent issues. If your products have these issues, you may end up with legal problems later on. 


When it comes to running an Amazon seller’s business, it is important that you choose the right products to sell. Choosing the right prodjucts for your Amazon business is half the battle.  By the way, you can also use Amazon product research tools to do Amazon product research, which is more effecient.

Aside from your choice of products, you should also choose the right packaging for your products. The more efficient the packaging the more effectively you will be able to save on shipping costs to Amazon warehouses or consumers. If you have some questions about product packaging, our team can give you some unique advice for helping you save on shipping costs.

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