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The dream of selling on Amazon remains just that, a dream if you do not have tangible products to sell to customers. That is the first thing any aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur must do is, find quality, profitable products.

Of course, when you are deciding what to sell on Amazon, you want to bank on products that you know will sell. To do this, you will have to carry out Amazon product research. Look for products that are priced just right, have low competition and you know will be profitable for you.

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

To find the best products to sell on Amazon, you’re going to need to invest some time in Amazon market research. This process will help you decide what to sell on Amazon, and let you assess what products will be able to return a profit, and what products to stay away from.

Step 1: Hunting for the best products to sell on Amazon

The easiest way to search Amazon for best selling products is to type “bestseller” on the Amazon search box. Of course, you can select a specific category to search in. Choose the category that corresponds to your niche idea.

When searching through product listings, ask yourself if the product is something that has a stable market. It has to be something people will always need or desire.

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon depends on your preferences. You can decide to sell merchandise that doesn’t cost a lot. Products that are between $19-$49 doesn’t take a lot of contemplating to purchase. These are considered impulse buys and with the right product will usually generate significant sales volume.

Method 1: Search Amazon manually

If you do not have a niche category selected yet; then you may want to leave the category blank and take a look at all of Amazon’s current best selling products. Look for a product that you feel you can improve on and market effectively to beat other sellers.

Don’t forget selling on Amazon is a competition, you need to offer top quality products at an awesome price to succeed in your niche. Choose products that you think will be useful to your target market. Select a product that you would buy yourself.

When selecting a product, do not choose something that is already bursting at the seams with sellers. You want to find an opportunity that you as a seller can capitalize on and hopefully reach page one to eventually win the buy box.

Method 2: Utilize seller tools

amazon market research seller tools

If you don’t want to manually do Amazon market research, top sellers utilise paid tools which you can subscribe to at a discount and cancel at any time.

Another favorite way for sellers to come up with new product ideas is to use MerchantWords and Jungle Scout together to spot the next best product to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout is one of the more popular product research tools. It is easy to use, simply enter criteria to filter your search and it will search Amazon. There is a monthly cost of around $29 and above depending on the membership tier.

MerchantWords is a search database tool. It allows you to search keywords on Amazon; it can check how many times specific keywords were searched on the Amazon platform. There is a $30 monthly fee to use MerchantWords.

The process is straightforward. Just type the keyword of the product you thought about in MerchantWords and choose one of the results. Usually, the top search results are already saturated with top sellers, so it would be quite challenging to enter and compete in that market.

Choose a keyword string somewhere in the middle of the results on MerchantWords, copy the text and paste it into the search field in Amazon. Then you run Jungle Scout if you have the chrome extension. If you don’t you can quickly download the extension then click on the icon.

You can also copy the product page URL and paste that into Jungle Scout. There you can see all the sales information of that particular product and asses if it will be worth your time to sell that specific product.

When you see that the sales and demand for that product is stable even when you open page two of the Jungle Scout results then that means that product is worth your effort to sell.

Considerations when deciding what to sell on Amazon

how to decide what to sell on amazon

While carrying out your Amazon product research, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are a few considerations you need to make – will they be possible for the product you’re researching?


Choose a product that you can add value to. Your product needs to be better than everyone else’s. One way to add value is by providing the customer with customised, beneficial information about the different ways to use your product.

Another way to add even more value to the same product is to have the supplier or manufacturer add a useful feature to your product. Something beneficial that the other products do not have.

Having additional features and benefits when choosing among products will make yours stand out which will likely result in increasing Amazon sales.


Creating a bundle of products that go together is an excellent idea to standout as well.

Adding a product for free to your product listing is also an excellent way to get the attention of customers.

Offer additional products that will compliment your primary product and enhance its use. It’s up to you if you want to create a separate listing for the other product or give it for free.

5 Star Product

That five-star rating is the mark of excellence in Amazon. To do this you will need to get Amazon reviews. Five-star ones to be exact!

You can tailor your product to be the epitome of quality with everything the customer needs to be built into your product. Make your product the premium choice in that particular product category.

Find a quality product, talk to the manufacturer to add specific features that will give your product a prime advantage over the competition. Your product will stand out as the best of best, and a customer won’t mind paying more for the best.

Step 2: Contact product suppliers

contacting suppliers

Check Alibaba or other wholesaling sites which are generally sourced from China and check how much the product costs. Then compare the wholesale price to the amount it is listed for on Amazon.

When checking product suppliers on Alibaba, make sure to have the gold supplier and trade assurance filters checked. Message as many suppliers as you can, round it off to an even ten. It’s best to cast a wide net when looking for a supplier for your product.

Write a professional business email when you are trying to contact suppliers. Include a final note in your email inquiry that you would prefer to continue the conversation via WhatsApp or Skype instead. Getting the suppliers to contact you through the messaging apps will make communicating with the supplier much more efficient.

Decide which of the suppliers are easier to deal with from their replies. When dealing with suppliers choose the ones that can write and speak good English. You do not want the hassles that come from miscommunication.

Crunch some numbers. Add the Amazon FBA shipping fees, Amazon referral fee, Amazon individual seller fees, and whatever costs you will incur to double check if selling the product will be profitable for you.

If you are part of FBA, Amazon provides the Amazon FBA calculator to help you calculate your profit margin. For your convenience there is a chrome extension. Download that, and you will be golden.

You Now Know How To Conduct Amazon Product Research

Remember to choose products that are priced right, have low competition and products that you know you can improve on. Search through the bestsellers in Amazon or use MerchantWords and Jungle Scout to find the best product to make your own.

Double check with wholesaling sites to see that the product will be profitable. Talk to suppliers and find the best one to deal with. Don’t forget to filter suppliers with trade assurance and gold supplier filters checked. Get the suppliers to add you on WhatsApp or Skype for faster communication.

Be professional and establish a relationship with the manufacturer. Treat them well and make them understand that you are in this for the long haul. Bargain for a reasonable price.

Order the manufacturer to add features to your product, sell on Amazon, get brilliant reviews and dominate the market.

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