Products Label & Certification for Amazon FBA: What Should I Print On My Packaging Design?

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In order to know further about the requirements of Amazon packaing, you might wonder what should be printed on your packaging, like any signs or warnings, etc. Just stop being confused.

In this blog, we will talk about all the things that you should print on the packaging of your products.

Foremost, let’s see what you will get to know at first. This is a content table for key points:

  • Amazon’s Most Common Labels
NameBarcodeSold As SetCountry of OriginSuffocation Mark
Product CategoryAnySetsAnyBag-packed
Use RegionAnyAnyAnyAny
Exclusive MarkYesNoNoNo
Printing RequirementsUnique&Clear///
  • Certificate On Amazon Packaging
Product CategoryAnyElectricalElectricalAnyElectricalElectricalToys
Vehiecl utility
Medicine, food and comestic
Exclusive MarkYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoYesNo
Printing Requirements>5mm>5mm///ID NumberWarning///

Now let’s dive into the article.

4 Most Common Marks on Your Amazon Product Packaging

Product Barcode

Manufacturer barcode

The first thing you should consider printing on your Amazon packaging is the manufacturer’s barcode. No matter whether you use UPC, EAN, or ISBN as your product identifiers, please remember to print out the barcode and place it on your packaging.

Tips: Always keep the barcode and serial number clear and scannable.

Amazon FNSKU

The most important barcode for Amazon FBA is FNSKU, namely the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.
It is an exclusive Amazon barcode widely used within the Amazon inventory system, each of which is unique on any boxes shipped to Amazon.

Tips: Make sure you print and attach the labels correctly on your packaging.

Transparency barcode

Transparency barcode is an authentication sticker that helps brand owners protect the brand against counterfeit ones. If you are a private label seller and decide to raise awareness of protecting your brand, just create the transparency barcodes and print them on your packaging.

Tips: The Transparency flag“T” must not be covered by any other label nor cover any other label.

Sold As Set

It is required to print a ‘Sold-as-set’ mark on the packaging for sellers who bundle items that need to be sold as a single unit. Also, sellers can use “Do not Separate” as a replacement for “Sold-as-set”.

By using this mark, you ensure your bundled products are easily identified as a set, avoiding any separation during the fulfillment process and providing a seamless shopping experience for customers on Amazon.

Country of Origin

The ‘Country of Origin’ mark is a critical printing factor in complying with customs requirements. Placing the Country-of-Origin label (such as “made in China”) in the most visible location further aids customs authorities in accurately identifying the product’s source. If they find no trace of this mark, the products might be detained.

made in china

Suffocation Warning

The opening of plastic and shrink bags with a diameter of at least 5 inches must have a “suffocation Mark”.This is because all bags with an opening larger than a baby’s head could bring out an accident.

Usually, you can try two ways of having this mark on the product packaging:

  • Buy a roll of warning label and stick it on the bags like this:
  • Buy bags already printed with suffocation marks like this:

A Tip for Arranging the Information On Your Packaging:

The above marks are very commonly seen on many Amazon packaging. So a more likely situation is that you need to print them all on the same single packaging.

To save time and cost, you can edit the Amazon FBA label and put all the items together so that you can print all of them at one time.

But keep in mind that you should make sure the contents are all legible and available.

You have become familiar with the 4 most common marks on many Amazon products. But they are not all the printing stuff yet. So let’s move to the next part where more are introduced.

11 Certificates for Compliance Requirements of Products

Here we are going to learn some regulation certificates that you could print on your packaging for compliance purposes. As Amazon sellers, you can directly jump into the section of your own product category. We will explain them one by one:

Electrical and electronic equipment

Product: Coffee machines, electric scooters, air conditioners, lamps, remote controls

CE Certificate

The mark is mandatory in the European Union region with a very wide range of applications. There are two requirements that you should meet:

  • It must be affixed to the product in an obvious position, clear and wear-resistant;
  • The minimum height of CE should not be less than 5 millimeters.


Electrical products complying with the EU Directive 2002/96/EC are required to place the WEEE mark on the product packaging to indicate that the product requires special recycling treatment.

The size of the logo should be >5mm and clear.


According to the EU Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS is a mandatory environmental marking designed to limit the content of hazardous substances used in electronic products.

You can place this mark on the product packaging or just the CE mark.


The UKCA marking requirements are the same as CE and cover most of the product certification scope of the CE marking, but it only applies to the Great Britain market.


Products sold in the U.S. market such as batteries and power adapters must be UL certified, which is a safety certification.

You can print a UL label and affix it to the product packaging.


According to the US CFR 47 regulations, radio and telecommunication products must bear the FCC declaration mark on their packaging or instruction manuals.

It must be labeled with an FCC ID number in the format of FCC ID: XXXXXXX.


Product: Toys, Cribs, Sleepwear, Baby Diapering, Helmet

CPC(Children’s Product Certification)

The sale of children’s products under 12 years old in the United States must be certified by the CPC. In the toy packaging, the following information must be placed:

  • Age range
  • Warning
  • Manufacturer information
  • SKU

If Amazon detects a lack of CPC certification of children’s products, sellers will be forced to take down the listing until the submission and approval of the audit.


According to the European Union Directive 2009/48/EC requirements, in line with the EN71 decree, sellers selling toys in Europe not only need to do CE certification but also need to do EN71 certification. On the package, you can place a paragraph of instructions to comply with the regulation.

Vehicle Parts

According to the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), vehicle subsidies such as auto filters, tires, lights and so on are not allowed to enter the North American market unless they are certified with the DOT.

For example, there will be a serial number following the ‘DOT’ mark on car tires sold in the US market.

Wooden Furniture

Product: wooden chair, paper, wooden stretch, fabric

FSC-certified wood products have a legal guarantee of their origin. If your product has the appropriate qualifications, you can print the mark on the packaging

Note: this mark is non-compulsory, but it helps improve your brand image.

Pharmaceuticals, Food and Cosmetics

Product: Medicines, health products, sunglasses, facial cleansers, knives, forks and dishes

  • Is there any logo to be printed?
  • In the United States, you need to do FDA certification for these products, but the FDA logo can not be printed on the package.
  • According to Amazon requirements, pharmaceuticals can only be sold in Germany, and the Netherlands, and the CE logo is printed on the package.
  • Food in the EU and the United Kingdom need to comply with the FCM regulations and print the CE logo.
  • What must be printed on the packaging?
  • EU & UK:

Besides the CE logo, you should also print the name of the person in charge and the address for cosmetic products.

If it can not be printed on the package, then it must be printed on the label, card, or hangtag.

  • The U.S.

Food and drugs must be printed manufacturer or distributor address on the packaging.

Brand Information on the Amazon Product Packaging

Except for commonly used marks and necessary certificates, it’s also important to print your brand information on the packaging. After all, it’s your customers who will finally see and open your product packaging, and they can easily be impressed by your brand image. So let’s not forget to talk about branding.

Brand Features

At first, you will need to put key brand features on the boxes or bags that contain your products. Usually, there are a few items:

  • TM/R Mark

You can display trademarks or registered marks adds legal protection to your brand.

  • Logo

Your brand’s logo is a visual representation of your identity, making it instantly recognizable to customers.

  • Name

Clearly stating your brand’s name reinforces brand awareness and helps customers remember your business.

  • Slogan

A catchy slogan can effectively communicate your brand’s unique message and values.

  • Pictures

Use high-quality product images or photos to showcase your products and brand in action.

If you have made them appear on the packaging, then go to check the product specifications as follows.


These details are of high importance because consumers tend to accept products with authenticity. And the more specifications you provide on the packaging, the more confidence they will have. 3 things for product specifications:

  • Size

Clearly state the dimensions of your product to help customers understand its physical proportions.

  • Weight

Provide the product’s weight, which is crucial for shipping calculations and understanding its portability.

  • Quantity

Indicate the quantity of items included in the package, especially for bundles or multi-packs.


Amazon allows you to leave some contacts as a way to enhance your brand influence and customer impression. So you can print these items on suitable locations in order to expand the propaganda:

  • Your Email: Provide a customer support email address to address any queries promptly.
  • Social Media: Link to your social media profiles to foster engagement and connect with customers.
  • Website: Direct customers to your website for additional product information and shopping options.


At last, you can add some other information for the purpose of offering better service. They can be an instruction or a statement like them:

  • User Guide: Providing a user guide or instructions helps customers understand how to use your product properly.
  • Thank-You Notes: A simple, personalized thank-you note shows appreciation to customers and creates a positive impression.

Do Not Include These Contents on FBA Product Packaging

Now you have understood everything that you should print on the packaging. Of course, it’s still dependent on your products. However, there are things that you should not print or put in the packaging either. Remember these 3 things and not make mistakes that could have bad effects on your selling.

Price tag

Amazon strictly prohibits the inclusion of any marketing materials, including pre-priced labels, pamphlets, price tags, or non-Amazon labels, within the packaging of products. Sellers are required to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and ensure that only authorized labeling and packaging materials related to the product and brand are used for shipments.

Gifted coupons

Amazon strictly forbids the inclusion of coupons or any promotional materials intended to incentivize customers within the product packaging. Such practices are not acceptable and can lead to compliance issues and possible account penalties.

Review Invitation

Amazon strictly forbids the inclusion of review invitations or any attempts to solicit reviews within product packaging. Such practices may make customers feel obligated to provide feedback, compromising the authenticity and trustworthiness of reviews. Amazon upholds a fair review system that relies on unbiased and voluntary feedback from customers.


Now that you know about the necessary information that you need to print on your Amazon product packaging, we still want to remind you that it is not easy to remember each item.

Following these, we believe your Amazon business will be smoother. If you have more questions about the Amazon product label or certifications, you can contact our professional team or leave a message below.

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