Amazon Feedback Removal Guide: How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, plus a tremendous amount of your time to build a successful business on Amazon. You try to do everything as best you can as an Amazon seller.

Offering the best quality products, price competitively, optimise for Amazon SEO and provide excellent customer service. But still you get an email about negative feedback.

Situations arise that are not in your realm of control and accidents happen that will cause a customer to lash out with a bad review. Negative feedback will influence other prospective customers and affect your image as an Amazon seller.

Amazon customers want to deal with a seller they can trust. Thankfully there are solutions to remove bad reviews. You start with continually providing the customer with your trademark customer service and work from there.

How To Remove Feedback On Amazon

How To Remove Feedback On Amazon

Knowing how to remove negative feedback on Amazon is tricky. So how do you start the process of Amazon feedback removal? Is it even possible?

Amazon Feedback Removal Request

Getting that nasty review removed from your seller page could be as simple as asking Amazon to remove it for you.

As long as the customer feedback violates the guidelines Amazon has in place regarding customer feedback, then you have a chance of getting the review deleted. Double check the details of the review and alert Amazon if the feedback contains any of the following:

  • Curse words, obscenity or any profanity.
  • Any personal information such as full names, email addresses or telephone numbers.
  • If the entire feedback is a product review, then it may be deleted by Amazon. Take note that customer feedback with only partial product reviews does not qualify to be removed.
  • Contains URL links to different websites or other merchants.

In case the feedback you received falls under any of these categories, then you can submit an Amazon feedback removal request for the bad review.

How To Submit An Amazon Feedback Removal Request

Submit An Amazon Feedback Removal Request

Follow these steps after you login to your Amazon seller central account.

  • Go to your the feedback manager then customers and orders tab.
  • Enter the order ID.
  • Click next and enter the reason why the feedback needs to be removed.
  • Then click on submit.

Amazon will then review your request, and all you have to do is wait for seller support to reply.

Who Takes Responsibility?

There are other cases in which Amazon will further assist you when dealing with bad feedback.

If you are an Amazon FBA seller and the feedback is the about the shipping method, delayed delivery or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon then Amazon will strike-through the feedback.

A strike-through means that Amazon will add a disclosure below the review in question which states:

“This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfilment experience.”

If the negative feedback is a result of not received or delayed shipping for orders shipped by the seller on time using buy shipping, then Amazon will also strike through the review.

Buy shipping is when the seller with an individual seller account purchases and uses Amazon’s shipping channels for the shipment of an order.

The strike-through text will read a bit differently:

“The fulfilment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller.”

For FBM sellers that receive negative reviews regarding delayed deliveries or not received deliveries, Amazon will not remove or strike through those customer reviews.

Amazon sellers are responsible for their shipping methods and need to send orders to customers promptly. The maximum time frame is three business days. Longer than that and you risk getting a bad review. This is one of the disadvantages to the FBA vs FBM debate.

Contact the customer

When you want to remove Amazon feedback but the negative review does not fall into any of the criteria that allow Amazon to remove it, then your best bet would be to contact the customer. That is why providing excellent customer service at the start of buyer’s experience is vital.

The customer will feel that you genuinely care about their dilemma. Reach out to the customer that left the bad feedback via email and resolve their concern. Reach out to the customer quickly, be sure to apologise and act generously.

Follow these steps when emailing a customer that gave you bad feedback:

  • Log in to your Amazon seller central account and use the feedback manager to track buyer satisfaction.
  • Click on view current feedback.
  • Locate the negative feedback you are looking to fix and click the resolve tab.
  • On the resolving negative feedback page, click on the contact customer button.
  • Choose a subject from the drop-down menu and type your message.

If you want to attach supporting documents for the buyer to view merely click “add attachment” and send the email when you are done.

Quick Reminders For Amazon Feedback Removal

Reminders For Amazon Feedback Removal

Before sending the email, take note of a few simple reminders when contacting a disgruntled customer.

Act Quickly

Be sure to act quickly when you receive negative feedback. If you get too much, you’ll risk having your Amazon seller account suspended. Many times this suspension can be permanent.

Amazon gives an allowance of sixty days for bad feedback to be reversed. You don’t want to wait that long to get the review modified by the customer.

Reach out as soon as you receive the notification about the bad feedback and let the customer know you want to make things right for them.

Communication with the customer is crucial at this stage. You want the customer to know that your company is serious about providing 100% customer satisfaction.


Never lay the blame on anyone else. Take ownership of the problem and apologize when communicating with the customer. Apologize for causing them any inconvenience. Understand the reason for their dissatisfaction and make it right.

Be Generous

Keep in mind that once the negative feedback sticks to your seller account, then there is no way of getting it removed.

Think of the bigger picture and send the customer a new item free of charge or give them a refund for their purchase. Or do both! You can also also choose to provide them with a gift card.

Once you have resolved the customer’s cause for complaint, then it should be safe to politely ask them if they could remove their negative feedback if they are completely satisfied.

Last Resort If You Fail To Remove Amazon Feedback

Fail To Remove Amazon Feedback

For instances where the customer refuses to work with you then your last resort would be to leave a merchant response below the bad review. Leave an explanation as the seller addressing the customer’s concern.

This way other customers will see that you did try to resolve the issue in that particular scenario.

Do this only if you have tried your best to resolve the customer’s concern and the customer is still not responding. Leave an explanation that will shed light on the cause of the issue and the solution that you provided.

Your seller rating will still be affected, but at least your reputation as a reputable Amazon seller will not be too damaged. Again it is critical to provide remarkable customer service at the beginning of the sales experience; this will help prevent a customer from being non-responsive.

A simple email to let the customer know that you are excited to get their order out to them at the same time letting them know to contact you immediately if a problem arises with their order.

Proactively being approachable is a great way to prevent any possible negative feedback.

Summarising How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Receiving negative feedback from customers is not the end of the world. Check to see if Amazon can delete the feedback. If not, reach out to the customer and resolve their concern, make them happy and give them the satisfaction they are looking for.

Kindly ask the customer to remove their bad feedback. As a last resort write a comment below the bad feedback explaining what happened and noting the resolution you provided to appease any doubts future customers might have.

To offset any bad reviews, learn how to get Amazon reviews the right way. Receiving a flood of good reviews will eclipse any bad review and significantly raise your seller rating.

Be wary though! Don’t be tempted to purchase positive reviews as customers can use various free tools to spot fake Amazon reviews. Make sure all positive feedback is genuine.

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