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Shipping cargo from China to the Amazon fulfillment center is critical to the success of your Amazon business. And it is NOT SIMPLE, which involves packaging, transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and more.

Do not worry. Experienced Amazon forwarders can handle these things for you.

There are many Amazon forwarding companies. But which one is a good Amazon freight forwarder? And how to find it? Read on to learn more.

What is an Amazon Freight Forwarder

An Amazon freight forwarder is a person or company. It assists Amazon sellers in shipping cargo from one location to an Amazon warehouse or other locations. However, an Amazon forwarder is only a transportation organizer, NOT a carrier.

Amazon forwarders do everything a traditional international freight forwarder does. Plus, they must:

  • master Amazon rules and knowledge.
  • provide more additional services (prep services, storage, pick up, etc.).
  • participate in the longer shipping process.
Amazon freight forwarder

What is a Good Amazon Freight Forwarding

A good Amazon freight forwarding positively influences your shipping costs and inventory quantity. So it is critical to your Amazon business’s success.

Again, you need a good Amazon forwarder, not just an Amazon forwarder. But what is a good Amazon freight forwarder?

Rich experience

As previously stated, Amazon transportation differs from other forms of international shipping. Because Amazon has specific requirements for product packaging, labeling, and warehousing appointment.

Therefore, a good Amazon FBA freight forwarder must have at least two years of experience and focus on Amazon transport services.

Good Amazon forwarder with rich experience

Working with an experienced Amazon forwarder has many benefits.

Firstly, an experienced Amazon freight forwarder has handled a wide range of cargo. So it can provide some professional packaging advice to improve cargo safety and even reduce shipping costs.

Secondly, it can also solve emergencies such as damage and missing (or incorrect) labels, and damaged product box to ensure Amazon warehouse accepts your shipment.

Professional salespeople

A good Amazon forwarding company has professional salespeople, who resolve transport problems and track the transit status of your goods.

What abilities must a professional salesperson possess?

  • Responsible and honest
  • Familiar with Amazon rules and knowledge
  • Familiar with international transportation to Amazon
  • Good language skills
  • Fast response rate
Amazon forwarding company with professional salesperson

Multiple services

What are good Amazon forwarding services?

To begin with, a good Amazon forwarder needs to offer a variety of shipping methods as well as customized shipping solutions:

  • express: in addition to UPS and DHL, if some special line express services could be provided, it would be better.
  • sea shipping: LCL service and fast sea shipping services are available.
  • air shipping: LCL service is available.
  • customized shipping solution: based on the needs of the customer(such as shipping time and shipping cost), provide customized shipping solution.
Good Amazon forwarder with multiple shipping methods

Following that, additional services are required to provide a better experience for customers.

  • prep service: labeling, packaging, bundling, marketing materials.
  • other services: storage, pick up, carton inspection, insurance, and customs clearance

The essential consideration is whether it provides services that meet your requirements.

Reliable company strength

A good Amazon forwarding company MUST have reliable strength. But how do you assess a company’s strength?

You can assess an Amazon forwarding company through its warehouse size, the quantity of staff, and customs clearance capability.

To begin with, the large warehouse space and large number of employees indicate that the Amazon freight forwarding company is very powerful.

Good Amazon forwarder with reliable company strength

Secondly, customs clearance is one of the important steps in international transportation. And a company without customs clearance capability could lead to your goods being seized or even destroyed by customs.

Therefore, the stronger the customs clearance capability of Amazon freight forwarding , the more it can ensure that the goods can arrive at the Amazon warehouse safely and on time.

Note: Although many small Amazon forwarding companies can provide good services, please give extra attention to its staff size needs to over 20 people. Because an Amazon forwarding company with more than 20 employees can effectively manage the business’s various processes.

Good customer reviews

Customer reviews are also an important criterion for determining whether an Amazon forwarding agent is good.

Trustpilot is a professional customer review platform. And you can find reviews on most of the world’s companies, including Amazon forwarding companies.

Amazon forwarder companies reviews on Trustpilot

A good Amazon forwarding service must have positive customer feedback.

It must have a Trustpilot rating of at least 4.5-star. Meanwhile, there can’t be negative feedback on fees or services. For instance, ‘ the offer is not transparent, they charge other extras fees after the quote.’

Furthermore, if you can’t find the company you are researching on Trustpilot, try Google.

Where to Find Good Amazon Forwarders

You already know what a good Amazon forwarding company is from the previous section.

Then, please consider your own requirements , for instance:

  • I need a China Amazon freight forwarder with over two years of experience in shipping cargo from China to a US Amazon warehouse.
  • This Amazon freight forwarder needs to provide insurance, storage, and carton inspection services for me.

Next, type your needs into a search engine as keywords and see which companies come up. And you can find them by yourself in three places.


Google is the world’s largest search engine, where you can find a wealth of information and resources, including many reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarders.

Use Google to find Amazon forwarders

How to use

Type your requirements into the search box. For example, “China Amazon freight forwarding,” “Amazon preparation service,” or “ship cargo from China to US Amazon warehouse.”

To avoid inaccurate results, use Google’s exact search method by enclosing your search term in double quotation marks.

Pros: Numerous results show a variety of Amazon freight forwarders.

Cons: There are many ads on the first page and some irrelevant results, such as Amazon product selection tool firms, sourcing agencies, third-party inspection companies, and freight insurance companies. Secondly, you cannot compare services, and reviews of different Amazon forwarding companies at the same time.

4PL platform

You may know 3PL(third-party logistics), which offers not only shipping services, but also warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and other additional services to you. But what is 4PL?

A 4PL is a supply chain integrator that provides logistics solutions to customers but not physical logistics or warehousing services. In fact, it serves as a link between customers and Amazon freight forwarders, assisting customers in locating the best Amazon freight forwarding and logistics solutions, as well as assisting Amazon freight forwarders in acquiring customer orders.

Freightos is an excellent example, which is easy to operate.

How to use

Create an account using your email, LinkedIn, or Google account. Then fill in the question boxes with the following:

  • origin
  • destination
  • shipment information
  • shipment value
Use freightos to find Amazon forwarders


  • compare the freight rates of multiple Amazon forwarding companies at the same time.
  • get customer reviews about different forwarding companies.
  • track your shipments directly through the platform.


  • some forwarding companies are not Amazon logistics professionals.
  • fewer options than Google.

Forums or Q&A website

Amazon seller forums answer many Amazon-related questions, including reliable freight forwarders.

Use Amazon seller forums to find Amazon forwarders

Quora and Reddit also give valuable information. And their usage is similar to Amazon seller forums

How to use

Use relevant keywords such as “Recommended Amazon freight forwarding from China to the United States” or questions like “which is the best Amazon forwarding service from China?”

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can ask relevant questions and wait for enthusiastic netizens to respond.


  • find some dependable freight forwarders for Amazon business as soon as possible
  • get some reviews about some Amazon forwarding company


  • few results than other platforms
  • some self-advertising

You can look for an good Amazon forwarder on your own. Of course, you can also ask your friends or suppliers to recommend Amazon forwarders that they have used and trusted. In any case, you must select one based on your own requirements as well as the previously mentioned criteria for a good Amazon freight forwarder.

Eleven Questions to Ask Amazon Forwarders

Once you find a variety of forwarders, learn more about them by asking eleven critical questions.

(1) How many years have you been in Amazon transportation industry?

(2) What is your advantage route?

(3) Do you have overseas agents?

(4) What shipping methods can you provide? Is LCL available?

(5) What additional service do you provide?

(6) Can you ensure that the labeling and packaging meet Amazon’s requirements?

(7) Does your company inspect the packaging before shipping?

(8) Are your offers transparent without additional fee?

(9) What are the advantages of using your company?

(10) What payment methods do you support?

(11) What do I need to do during the shipping process?

Now, we believe that by asking these questions, you’ve eliminated some Amazon forwarders from your shortlist who do not meet the requirements.

Then, you can request quotes from the remaining alternative forwarding companies and select the one that best suits your needs.


Good Amazon forwarding companies have rich experience, professional salespeople, multiple services, and excellent customer reviews. And you can find one by using Google, the 4 PL platform, or Amazon seller forums.

Hope you can find an good Amazon freight forwarder that suits you best and makes your Amazon business thrive.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message in the comments, and we will do our best to answer them for you.

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