7 Top Freight Forwarders In UK

Freight forwarding processes are so diverse, it’s difficult for a company to link different touchpoints including shipping lines, packing firms, carriers, and customs. As a result, while looking for the best freight forwarding firms in the UK, you should look for a knowledgeable one-stop-shop that can provide a wide range of options to meet all of your forwarding requirements. Moreover, we are dedicated to assisting you in finding the best service providers.

We compiled a list of the best freight forwarders in the UK, complete with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Look through this thorough list of the best freight forwarders in the UK to find the right fit for your company.

List of the Top Freight Forwarders In UK

  • Barrington Freight Ltd
  • Hemisphere Freight
  • YFT Logistics
  • John Good Logistics
  • Transglobal Express
  • Brunel Shipping
  • Andrews Shipping

Top Freight Forwarders in UK

Barrington Freight Ltd

Overview of the Company

Company size: 1-10 employees
Headquarters: Basildon, Essex
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 22 January 2007
Address:  Bowden House Lucky Lane Basildon, Essex SS14 3AX, GB

Barrington Freight Logo

Image Source: barringtonfreightltd/

They’re delighted to be experts in rapid, cost-effective deliveries to Europe and around the world at Barrington Freight. Moreover, they have the experience to accomplish efficiently and devoted next-day delivery freight shipments across Europe for retailers, manufacturers, and exporters, as well as freight sent by individuals wishing to import or ship their products and possessions abroad.

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Freight Services:

Hemisphere Freight

Overview of the Company

Address:  Ipswich, United Kingdom
Founded: 1989

Logo of Hemisphere Freight

 Image Source: company/hemisphere-freight 

Hemisphere is a global logistics firm with operations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australasia, and has grown to become one of the largest in the UK. Our trained in-house teams can handle any portion of our clients’ cargo needs – from start to finish, regardless of origin or destination – and we specialize in global supply chain solutions.

Freight Services:

  • Total Logistics Management
  • Road Hauge
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Project Logistics
  • Container Transport
  • Customs Clearance
  • Export Packing and Case Making

YFT Logistics

Overview of the Company

Address:  Windyridge, Moorhill Rd, West End, Southampton SO30 3AW, UK
Founded :  May 2009
Industries:  Import and Export
Company size: 1-10 employees
Headquarters:  Southampton, hampshire
Type:  Sole Proprietorship

YFT Logistics Logo

 Image Source: yftlogistics.co.uk/c

YFT Logistics Limited, Your Freight Transporter, welcomes you. Southampton-based freight forwarding firm in the United Kingdom that provides the best advice on transporting your cargo internationally at the lowest cost. We are the foremost shipping experts in Southampton. There is no such thing as a tiny shipment.

Freight Services:

  • Air Freight
  • Amazon FBA Shipping and eCommerce
  • Commercial shipments
  • Car Shipping
  • Personal Effects Shipping
  • Customs Clearance
  • Yacht Shipping

John Good Logistics

Overview of the Company

Address:  1833, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
Number of employees 250+
Number of locations: Hull, Manchester, London, Istanbul, Shanghai, USA

John Good Logistics Logo

 Image Source: www.bifa.org/member-search

One of the largest and most experienced independent shipping agencies in the United Kingdom. Moreover, they can supply you with a complete end-to-end solution, including cargo handling, warehousing, and distribution. While your ship and crew are in port, we can handle their needs and execute all essential documents and customs formalities on your behalf.

Freight Services:

  • Sea Freights
  • Road Freights
  • Air Freights
  • Project Cargo
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Customs and Clearance

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Transglobal Express

Overview of the Company

Address:  London, United Kingdom
Founded: 1993

Logo of Transglobal Express

Image Source: organization/transglobal-express

With 20 years of experience in the sector, Transglobal Express is one of the UK’s leading independent freight forwarders. Moreover, they continued to refine and develop our services over the years and are involved in several projects. Furthermore, they are investing in new technology to expand our online capabilities and bring new tools and features to improve the consumer experience. 

Freight Services:

  • Parcel Delivery
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Packaging Supplies

Brunel Shipping

Overview of the Company

Address:  Basildon, United Kingdom
Founded: 1998

Brunel Shipping Logo

Image Source: brunel-shipping/

Brunel Shipping and Liner Services (London) Ltd is a privately held company that provides shipping services in the United Kingdom and worldwide to freight forwarders, manufacturers, and various importers and exporters. Brunel has continuously expanded and is now a member of a global network of interconnected firms and organizations.

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Freight Services:

  • Sea Freight
  • Customs Clearance
  • E-Commercial Logistics
  • Warehouse
  • Cargo Insurance
  • TI Documents
  • China Rail Freight
  • Value Adored Services

Andrews Shipping

Overview of the Company

Address:  London, United Kingdom
Founded: 1962

Andrews Shipping Logo

 Image Source: andrewsshipping.co.uk/ 

They began by focusing on smaller shipments and eventually expanded our services to include car and other vehicle transportation. Moreover, they assure a personable experience from start to finish, in addition to providing an efficient and secure shipping service.

Freight Services:

  • Student Shipping and Storage
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Residential Shipping
  • Overseas Car Shipping
  • Overseas Vehicle Shipping
  • Fine ART and Antiques Shipping
  • UK Package Forwarding Service

Top Freight Forwarder in China


Overview of the Company

Origin:   Guangdong, China
Brand Name: FBABEE
Via:   Direct Flight
Shipment Type:  All Types
Service:  Door to Door Shipping
Warehouse:  14 Days Free Warehouse Storage
Exceptional Service:  Full Range Prep Services
Location:  #302, Bld D, New Retail Digital Industrial Zone, Xixiang Street, Bao’An, 518100, Guangdong Province, China

FBABEE Freight Forwarders Logo Graphics

Image Source: FBABEE

FBABEE is a full-service preparation and shipping firm that assists our clients in focusing and growing their businesses. In addition, the company maintains offices in China and the United States. Product preparation and delivery are the responsibility of the Chinese side. The American side, on the other hand, is in charge of customs processing, taxes, delivery to the AMZ warehouse, and serving as a backup in case of transportation delays. It also offers door-to-door shipping from China, allowing you to prepare and consolidate items from diverse manufacturers and suppliers before sending them to the Deliver fulfillment network for quick delivery across the country. This company also provides a number of advantages, such being a proactive freight forwarder with rapid and courteous customer service, assisting you in saving time and money, being safe and cost-effective, and having quick access to flex service, to name a few.

Services Offered:

  • Air + Express Freight: YES
  • Sea Freight: YES
  • Express Shipping: YES

Additional Services:

  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) Labeling
  • Bundling
  • Packaging
  • Warning and Other Labels
  • Poly Bagging
  • Market Material
  • 14 Days Storage


Freight forwarders are in charge of preparing the necessary transportation documentation for the carriage of goods. Furthermore, daily, they deal with a wide range of documents, including bills and invoices, import/export declarations, bills of lading, and a variety of other shipping papers required by their clients or by legislation in the exporting, importing, and transit nations. Moreover, one of the most significant aspects of the job is keeping clients updated on the status and actual location of their shipments.


 You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for the greatest freight forwarder. Now is the time to choose FBABEE! An excellent freight forwarder who can boost your sales and assist you in profitably importing goods.

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