A Guide for Shipping From Netherlands to USA

Do you want to learn how to choose the proper freight forwarder to become the world’s richest person? Read this guide to learn more about shipping from Netherlands to the US.

With a population of over 322 million people, there’s a good possibility you’ll need to mail a package to the United States. Moreover, the port of Rotterdam, located in the Netherlands, is regarded as one of the world’s largest and busiest ports. As a result, it’s clear that a large number of things enter and depart from this location. Furthermore, it is a little-known fact that mail from the Netherlands takes a lengthy time to arrive in the United States.

If you wish to export from the Netherlands to the United States, this website is for you. We’ve put together some helpful information to help you navigate the complexities of the international ocean and air freight transportation.

a guide for shipping from Netherlands to USA
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Tips on Saving Your Money & Time Before Shipping From Netherlands  to USA

  1. Examine Whether the Items Can Be Delivered

Restricted Imports from the United States

Importation of certain items and commodities into the United States is prohibited. Plan to ship any of the items on the following list. You should be aware of the following permissions, quotas, and requirements imposed by US Customs and Border Protection and other agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA):

  • Dairy Products, Cheese, and Milk
  • Nuts, fruits, and vegetables
  • Insects
  • Animals and livestock
  • Products made from meat, poultry, and eggs
  • Plants and their derivatives
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco-related merchandise
  • Ammunition and weapons
  • Appliances for the home
  • Commercial and industrial machinery
  • Toys for Kids
  • Bicycles and helmets for cyclists
  • Fireworks
  • Fabrics that can catch fire
  • Art supplies
  • Lighters for cigarettes and other purposes
  • Electronic products
  • Devices that use radio frequency
  • narcotics paraphernalia
  • Pesticides
  • Substances that are toxic or harmful
  • Products derived from petroleum
  • Beverages containing alcohol
  • Boats and automobiles

This list is by no means complete, therefore check with the proper controlling agencies to confirm the acceptability of your planned US imports.

  1. Find out about the Dutch Holidays.

Deadlines are crucial throughout the year, but the stakes for meeting them rise dramatically when the holiday season approaches. There is no time for late deliveries, faulty merchandise, or mistakes. And if you make a mistake now, it could cost you later in the year.

DateHoliday Name
Jan 1New Year’s Day
April 2Good Friday
April 4Easter Day
April 5Easter Monday
April 27King’s Birthday
May 4National Remembrance Day
May 5Liberation Day
May 9Mother’s Day
May 13Ascension Day
May 23Pentecost Sunday
May 24Whit Monday
June 20Father’s Day
Nov 20All Saints Day
Dec 25Christmas Day
  1. Ensure that your delivery deadlines are met.

Punctuality and professionalism are exhibited when commodities, packages, documents, and other objects are delivered on schedule. Furthermore, strict legal constraints govern the timeliness of certain things. On-time delivery also leads to high levels of customer and client satisfaction. They will be satisfied with the timely arrival of their items and the pleasant delivery experience provided by courteous courier services.

Shipping to the United States by air

Airfreight is rapid – a cargo plane can get your goods from anywhere in the globe to the United States in just 2-3 days – but it’s also pricey. An air freight service will almost certainly cost you a lot of money, which isn’t ideal for any budget. Airfreight is typically 12-16 times more expensive than marine freight.

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Shipping to the United States by sea

Sea freight is not only far less expensive than air freight, but it is also much safer – albeit much slower. Container ships typically take weeks to complete their journey, so be sure you plan ahead of time.

The United States’ most extended travel times frequently originate in Asia and end on the United States East Coast. For example, it takes 43 days to go from Singapore to Norfolk, Virginia.

However, some of the shortest transit times are obtained on Asia-US commerce lanes, notably those terminating on the West Coast of the United States. One example is the 10-day journey from Busan, South Korea, to the Californian ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach.

  1. Make sure you’re aware of your shipping charges and budget.

You can see how much money you have, how much money you’ve spent, and how much money you’ll need in the future by creating a shipping budget.

Cost of shipping from the Netherlands to the United States

WeightExpress ChargesEconomy Charges
1 Kg₹ 949₹ 474
2 Kg₹ 1895₹ 945
3 Kg₹ 2843₹ 1892
5 Kg₹ 3794₹ 2845
10 Kg₹ 6646₹ 5696
25 Kg₹ 14244₹ 11395
50 Kg₹ 20893₹ 14241
  1. Make sure you have all of the documentation you’ll need for your trip.

Because we are so focused on the logistics, delivery time frames, and cost control connected with shipping, we frequently neglect the importance of shipping paperwork. One of the most common causes of holdups and delays in the shipping process is the mismanagement of shipment documents. That is why it is so essential for us to pay attention to it.

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Overseas Freight Documentation for Entry into the United States

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, entry documentation must be filed at a site designated by the port director within 15 calendar days of an overseas shipment’s arrival at a U.S. port (CBP).

The documents that must be filed are as follows:

  • The Port Director may seek CBP Form 7533 (Entry Manifest), CBP Form 3461 (Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery), or another sort of item release.
  • If a commercial invoice is not available, a pro forma invoice should be utilized. A copy of the admittance permit; a copy of the entry permit; a copy of the
  • Packing guides and checklists (if appropriate).

If the consignment’s worth exceeds $2,500, your freight forwarder must present proof of a CBP bond to cover any duties, taxes, or charges that may be levied.

  1. Make Use of a Reliable Freight Forwarder’s Service

Using a freight forwarding business to deliver goods to your clients can help your company in several ways. Freight forwarders will utilize their experience and skills to ensure that your goods arrive on time and in good condition, saving you money over doing it yourself.

What Shipping Options Do You Have From The Netherlands To The United States?

From the Netherlands to the United States, some couriers offer expedited shipping services. On the other hand, others are known for their unique delivery options, and some are just affordable, not to mention the standard postal service. But what should we do if we want our shipments from the Netherlands to the United States to arrive quickly, securely, and, more importantly, affordably? Airfreight and marine freight are the two main modes of transport.

Ocean shipping to the United States

ocean shipping from Netherlands to USA
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The information below will help you learn about some of the most prominent marine freight shipping routes to the United States.

The United States’ Busiest Shipping Routes

In no particular order, here are five of the most popular routes to US ports:

  • The journey begins in Shanghai, China, and ends in Savannah, Georgia (Georgia)
  • From Shanghai, China, to Miami, Florida, United States (Florida)
  • Shanghai (China) to Long Beach (California) (California)
  • Savannah to Qingdao (China) from Busan, South Korea to Oakland, California (California) (Georgia)

If you choose sea freight, your things will be shipped in either a 20ft container or a 40ft container. You don’t have to fill the entire container; if you’re only bringing roughly 15 cubic meters of cargo, you’ll be sharing a container with other individuals. 

Ports of major importance

The Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of New York, Port of Seattle & Tacoma, and Port of Savannah are the five major container terminals in the United States. The port destination of your shipment is ultimately determined by where you are traveling to in the United States. Once your things arrive in the United States, they must clear customs before being transported to your new home by truck or train.

Shipping to the United States by Air

air shipping from Netherlands to USA
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The real benefit of air freight transportation is speed, which can be as fast as same-day delivery. This method of vehicle offers the quickest delivery times and the most reliable arrival and departure timings.

What are the busiest airports in the Netherlands?

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport
  • Groningen Airport Eelde

Selecting the Best Shipping Method from Netherland to USA

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A freight forwarder is responsible for moving goods from one point to another. From storage to shipment, freight forwarding companies are skilled in orchestrating the entire process for their customers. Moreover, they do not take ownership of the carriage in this role, instead of depending on declarations from the items’ owners as to what the commodities are, their weights, dimensions, and the carriage’s purpose.

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