How To Increase Sales On Amazon: 13 Tips For Selling On Amazon

Entrepreneurs start their journey on Amazon with the hopes of building a thriving e-commerce business. They recognise the vast potential of selling on Amazon and don’t want to miss out on the tremendous opportunity to accumulate wealth.

Finding quality products from China or marketing an Amazon FBA private label or local label on the largest marketplace in the world is a promising endeavour. You may have the best product listing or highest quality products, but without confirmed sales, all of that amounts to nothing.

Building wealth through e-commerce is only possible if your business generates consistent sales revenue. If your Amazon seller central account is not generating orders on a daily basis then there must be something wrong. You need to learn how to increase sales on Amazon, and fast!

How To Increase Sales On Amazon

increase amazon sales

So how exactly do you increase Amazon sales? Increasing your sales is a process that involves many different tactics and steps.

Depending on your business, you may already have some of these tips in place. However, the things your missing could be the key to really boosting your sales.

Try implementing one thing at a time so you can really measure each method’s success.

Sign up for an Amazon Pro seller account

If your Amazon account is still an individual seller account where you pay .99 cents for every item sold on top of the referral fee, then I suggest upgrading your account to an Amazon pro seller account.

The individual seller account might work if you are selling less than forty items on Amazon but if you are aiming to accomplish more sales, then the Amazon pro seller account is the way to go.

Choosing to pay the $39.99 per month for an Amazon pro seller account will allow you to sell an unlimited number of products on the Amazon platform. The Amazon pro seller account also provides you with the appropriate tools to help your business grow.

The pro seller account comes with access to the Amazon inventory management tool which allows you to list products in bulk and also keep track of your inventory. You can also create sales for your products, generate order notifications and utilise the Amazon sales coach tool.

All these special tools have been designed by Amazon to help each of their sellers succeed in their e-commerce business. Take advantage of what Amazon has to offer and utilise their full systems for the growth of your business.

Register for the FBA program

amazon fba tips for selling on Amazon

Maximize your business by registering to the FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program. It is free to sign up, all you need to do is ship your products to Amazon fulfilment, and Amazon does everything else for you.

Yes, you do need to be an Amazon pro seller to register for FBA. The FBA program is perfect for sellers that don’t want to get tied down with all the manual labour that comes when operating an e-commerce business.

Amazon handles everything from processing orders your customers make, to picking, packing, packaging and shipping your products to your customers.

Sure you will have to pay a fulfilment fee per order which depends on the size and weight of the product, but that is often much cheaper than what you would pay a 3rd party shipping company. If you don’t mind handling all the tasks yourself, then you can stick to Amazon FBM.

Signing up for the FBA program comes with many perks, you get access to Amazon Prime customers, a better chance to win the buy box, Amazon handles customer service for you and even processes your customer’s returns all on your behalf.

To get ahead of all the fees you can use the Amazon revenue calculator to double check what fees you may be charged when selling particular products. Another free tool from Amazon which allows you to calculate your bottom line.

Talk about first class service that is all available to you only by registering to the FBA program. Don’t miss out and ignore the benefits of being FBA.

Analyze your competition

There is no shortage of Amazon sellers, some of them are even selling the same product as you are. To beat the competition, you need first to study them. If they’re selling a lot of product, they’ve probably learnt out to increase sales on Amazon. The best way to study them is to visit your competition’s product pages.

Review their listings and try to emulate or even improve on what they are doing right. Take note of what they are doing wrong or lacking in and build on that as well. For similar products, price yours more competitively and bring more value to your customers.

Bring Value to your customers

tips for selling on amazon

There are hundreds if not thousands of sellers selling the same product. If you want to increase Amazon sales, offer your customers more than anyone else. Attach complimentary products that will enhance the customer’s experience when buying your product.

It will be ideal if you offer something that is under your trademark or copyright, to prevent anyone else from stealing your bundle idea. A right way start is to provide the customer with an ebook on the best ways to use your product.

Again, make sure to copyright your ebook and give it for free to your customers. Explore other methods to bring more value to your market and excel in that. It’s a great way to beat the rest of the competition.

Optimize your products

Selling too many products on Amazon can sometimes be too demanding, especially if you are starting out. You might end up stretching yourself too thin which won’t be good for business.

The best companies that succeed on Amazon start out selling niche products.

Research the best niche that you can fill as a seller and concentrate on those type of products. Doing this will help you work out the best products to sell on Amazon for your business. Growing your business and adding more niche stores over time is one of the most effective ways to succeed on Amazon.

Optimize your product price to be the most competitive it can be. A modest profit margin is acceptable when you are generating massive sales. A high-profit margin with modest sales is not ideal if you want your company to grow.

Upgrade your Images

good images increase amazon sales

Using bland images for your product listing can make the difference between the customer clicking buy now or clicking next. Do not use stock images that you found on google.

You run the risk of getting sued for using copyrighted material which could also get you banned from Amazon. Take the time to shoot vivid original product images on a white background.

Using original photos, they rate well with Amazon customers and also gives your product listing an air of authenticity.

Amazon SEO Optimization

The first thing online shoppers do when visiting Amazon is to search for the product they are interested in. Optimizing your product listing for the Amazon A9 algorithm will significantly increase the chances of your listing ranking high on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

Creating a complete title for your listing is one of the most critical steps in Amazon listing optimization. Write compelling bullet points about your product on the different features, advantages and benefits it provides to a customer.

Highlight different ways that your product will solve the diverse needs of the customer. Write the best product description possible and include all the technical and physical specifications of your product.

Don’t forget to include different spellings or other terms your product is known as.

Create Product videos

Producing a video about your product will make online shoppers more likely to click on the buy now button. People are more compelled to buy something that they have seen in action than something they have just read about.

If you have the time create a thirty or forty-five-second video about how your product is used and about the benefits it provides. A video of your product is a powerful tool.

Utilize influencers

increase amazon sales with influencers

Social media influencers that specialise in reviewing niche products have become quite popular. These influencers often have a tremendous following in social media. Make use of their star power.

Send your products to these influencers for free and ask them to review your product on their youtube channel. These influencers will usually command a fee for this service, so be open to discussing payment options with them. Consider it as part of your marketing budget.

If you selected the right influencer, the exposure to your product and store should be astronomical. Of course, ask them to mention your store or better yet provide them with a link to your product page which can be posted on the video.

Make sure to stock up on inventory before doing this step.

Offer discounts and use flash sales

Giving discounts through sales for all Amazon customers is a fantastic tactic to climb the SERP and increase Amazon sales. Offering your product at a significant discount will not only boost your sales but will also help your product to rank higher.

The coveted page one of the SERP is an elusive trophy. Having a product on page one of the SERP is a goal for most sellers. Being on page one will give you more organic sales even when your product is no longer on sale.

Customers are more likely to buy products listed on page one of the SERP. Launching flash sales or offering discounts is a proven shortcut to higher rankings in the SERP.

Push for more reviews

increase amazon sales

To increase sales on Amazon, you need to know how to get reviews on Amazon.

Providing customers with discounts in exchange for a good review is expressly forbidden by Amazon. What is allowed, is offering discounts on a product to all Amazon customers following up with an email asking for an honest review.

You can send emails manually or better yet use an email autoresponder and set it to send an email after a purchase has been confirmed, order delivered and proactively offer to fix any issues or assist the customer in any way.

Make it a point to also send an email one week after any organic purchase wherein you will ask the customer to review your product. Asking is one of the best ways to get more reviews.

Advertise your products on and off Amazon

Use paid advertising via Amazon sponsored ads, Amazon PPC or Facebook pay per click. Make sure to optimise your ads for mobile or for when customers are connected through wifi. Most purchases are made when customers are in the comfort of their home connected to their wifi.

It is rare for a customer to be out and about, using their mobile data when they make an online purchase.

Create pay per click campaigns and promote your product or if you are running a sale create coupons as well with the Amazon Prime logo to attract more customers. Include a link to your product page to drive traffic to your listing.

Consistently Provide excellent customer service

customer service to increase sales on amazon

Make sure to check your inbox for any customer complaints or issues and graciously deal with them. Do your best to fix the customer’s concern and let them know you are working on it. Issue credits, send them a replacement for free and do what you must to make the customer happy.

That is cheaper than having your reputation as an Amazon seller tarnished with a bad review or customer complaint. Email them back and initiate communication. Ignoring your customer is bad for business and is a quick death for any Amazon seller.

Using an email autoresponder is also a nice touch when offering assistance and asking for reviews. Make sure to set the autoresponder to use the customer’s first name. Email personalisation goes a long way in customer satisfaction.

Now You Know How To Increase Sales On Amazon

Sales is the name of the game in any e-commerce business. These proven methods to increase your sales revenue on the Amazon platform will help you and your company reach your goals. Accomplish each one diligently, and your Amazon seller account will thrive.

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