Amazon Product Reviews: How To Get Reviews On Amazon

Customer reviews are the backbone of an Amazon seller’s “credentials”. Amazon shoppers have more confidence in sellers that have at least a few reviews for them to through.

If you can’t seem to figure out how to get reviews on Amazon, there must be something wrong with your product launch strategies. Purely relying on organic reviews is a losing bet and will take your product forever to climb the SERP as well.

Getting customers to write a review about your product is not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to implement a few strategies and then wait for the reviews to rain on your product page.

Why do you need customer reviews?

Most Amazon shoppers, if not all, check the reviews of a specific product first before making a decision to buy a product. More often than not, online shoppers will skip a product if there are no reviews.

There may be a few brave souls that would still proceed with a purchase even if the product doesn’t have even a single review but they are few and far between.

For an Amazon business to thrive, it has to give paramount importance to marketing techniques that can generate good customer reviews. Waiting for organic reviews to fall on your doorstep is a quick way to get left behind by the competition. You also need to learn how to spot fake reviews on Amazon, else they can end up hurting your efforts.

Techniques For How To Get Reviews On Amazon

More important than why, is actually how to get Amazon reviews. So how do you go about getting them?

Offer discounts for your products

Image of a sale sign

When launching a new product, it’s a good idea to create promotions for your new product. Creating a discount code on Amazon seller central is easy to do but don’t make the mistake of not customising the settings for each code.

Not only is this an excellent way to promote your products, but it’s also a tried and tested technique for how to get Amazon reviews. And the best part is that it works!

It is up to you what discount you want to set the promotion code for. Some Amazon sellers give 80% or even up to 100% off the regular price to attract enthusiastic people that love getting free or highly discounted items.

You can set a limit on how many times the promotion code can be used. You can also set the number of products you have in stock to create urgency for your customers. Joining Amazon review groups or Amazon Facebook groups is an excellent way to promote your new product and upcoming sale.

There, you can mention your next product launch and how you will be initiating a discount that will only be good for the first 50 or 100 customers. Straight up ask for an honest review in exchange for them getting your new product for free or almost for free.

You can even create flash sales by making promotions and sharing them on social media for everyone’s benefit. This technique is a fantastic method to generate quality reviews for your new Amazon products quickly.

We all know that the more sales a product has, the higher it can climb the SERP. The same thing can be said for reviews, the more good reviews a product has, the higher the seller rating will be which in turn will help rank your product.

Always provide stellar customer service

Image of a happy shop worker

Amazon as a whole has always been obsessed with the satisfaction of each of their customers. Every Amazon shopper knows that Amazon has their back when they purchase merchandise on Amazon.

The customer service standards of Amazon are akin to that of a five-star hotel. It goes without saying that Amazon expects all their sellers to emulate their dedication to every single customer. So if you’ve been asking yourself how to get reviews on Amazon (especially the good ones), this is one area that you need to focus on.

Amazon sellers that do not hold their customers on a pedestal and ignore customers complaints end up having their Amazon seller account suspended or worse, banned. You can appeal an Amazon suspension but then again, why go through this process when you can prevent it from happening?

After all, it’s not difficult to provide excellent customer service on every sale. Start by responding to customer complaints promptly and resolve concerns swiftly as well. In case you fail to do any of these, you can bet that the ignored customer will file a report directly with Amazon.

They are likely going to write a terrible review that will reflect poorly on your product and negatively on you as a seller. It is possible, however, to remove negative feedback on Amazon. But the point is, you shouldn’t have to do that. So if a customer is complaining about a defective product, send them a new one.

If they claimed they never received the product, send them a new one just to make them happy. If they want their money back issue a credit.

Do everything in your power as a seller to keep your customers happy, and they will repay you with good reviews, repeat business and even refer their friends and family to you.

Take the time to check your emails at least once a day to address any of your customer’s concerns. Better yet, check your emails at least three times a day or even more frequently for best customer service results.

Follow up Email

Image of someone checking their emails

Do not underestimate the power of a simple personalised email. Customers are quick to take note when you use their first name when communicating with them.

When a customer purchases your product, send them a thank you email and let them know how excited you are for them to receive their order.

You can also proactively tell your customer to notify you if there are any issues with their order. Provide them assurance that you can and will resolve any concern that they might have. Some sellers even add a promotional code that gives the customer a discount on their next purchase.

There are tools that you can use to automate the process of following up with customers such as email autoresponders like JumpSend or Zonjump. These tools cost only a small monthly fee, but the benefits they provide are invaluable.

After a few days from the time the customer receives their order then you can send another email asking them how they like the product they purchased from you.

You could even ask them directly if they are happy with the product and add a yes or no tab with corresponding links to where they need to go depending on their answer.

If they answer no, then the contact seller tab opens where they can write their grievances in detail and if they answer yes then you can take them to the write a review section of your product listing.

Alternatively, just ask the customer if they are happy with the product and if they are, let the customer know how appreciative you will be if they take the time to write a review to help your business. How to get Amazon reviews is also about being vocal and upfront to your customers that you need their input.

If the customer has not written a review then they usually will take a couple of minutes to write a quick review and send you the link. More so if you provide them with a discount code for their next purchase.

Utilize Social Media Influencers

Utilize Social Media Influencers

Aside from the techniques already mentioned above, you can get reviews on Amazon by utilising social media influencers.

These are the people that specialise in reviewing products in your niche. Contact them showing your interest in sending them your product for free in exchange for an honest review on their channel.

If there is a fee that needs to be paid then pay it. The tremendous exposure this move will generate for your product will be well worth the expense. Social media influencers usually have a ton of followers – imagine a small fraction of them buying your product and writing reviews.

When done right, that kind of exposure would take your product to page one for sure. You must be prepared for this tactic! Don’t use this method if you only have a limited supply of your product.

It would be best to prepare for this marketing strategy and order your product in bulk. At this point, nothing is worse than running out of inventory to sell.

Join Amazon Review groups in Facebook

Image of a group of people.

There are many Amazon review groups on Facebook, Reddit or even Quora. Once you have found the right community, there you can exchange reviews with likeminded people. These are places where you can find people who already know how to get reviews on Amazon.

You can post the start times of flash sales for your product and let people know you are offering it at a considerable discount. Then you can ask for their honest review as well. While this method is not fool proof it is still a fantastic way to generate quality reviews.

You can also join a facebook group that is composed of Amazon sellers that also need reviews for their new products. Once that relationship is established, you can then exchange reviews with each other.

Let’s say one of you launches a new product. Everyone could buy the new product at a discounted rate and then write an honest review.

Forming a dependable group of Amazon business owners would provide your business with a significant advantage when launching new products.

How To Get Reviews On Amazon Fairly Easily

Provided that you are familiar with these methods, getting Amazon reviews is one less thing for you to worry about.

Keep in mind, however, that Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to offer a discount in exchange for a good review. They do allow sellers to provide promotions for products and ask for an honest review. Make the most of that fact and ask your customers to write you a review.

If you have a quality product and provide them with excellent customer service, usually your customer will write you a good review.  Implement the techniques listed above and watch the reviews pour in.

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