Fully-customized Amazon FBA Label Service Solution

Providing a Simple and Low-Cost Solution for Amazon Sellers' Labeling Problems. FBABEE takes care of every detail, helping Amazon Private Label Sellers like you time the market and maintain adequate inventory stellar reputations with affordable shipping from China to Amazon.

What is FBA Label Service

FBA Label Service allows Amazon sellers to have the opportunity to ship large quantities of their products directly to Amazon, provided that each item carries a readable GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN. All labeling that appears on the product's packaging must be in accordance with regulations and must include the following information:

FNSKU, Barcode, and Labels Placement

FNSKU, barcodes should be correct and must have appropriate quiet zone areas. It must also contain a string identifier for the barcode. Labels must also be 0.25 inches from the packages.

Title and Description

This refers to the name of the which is to be put on the label. This gives the as to what is the package or the item.


This indicates the overall situation of the item, for example, it can be used or brand new.

Bundle and Multi-sets

This would tell if the products are in multi-pack and thus the same or if they are bundled differently.

Warning Label

This is used to indicate the risks associated with dealing with the product or the package.

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    FBA Label Service Fee

    If you have specific needs, we can avail of our add-on services which start at $0.1 per label only.


    FNSKU labeling price

    FNSKU Labeling

    We will print and adhere FNSKU labels to every item or poly bag that is included in your orders at $0.1/item. We will also affix labels to your master cartons for you at no additional cost.

    fba prep labeling

    Suffocation warning and other labeling

    Every single item and polybag that you order will have a suffocation warning label or a Made in China sticker printed and attached to it by our team. Suffocation and other labeling price is $0.15/item. While poly bagging price is $0.3 per unit.

    fbabee prep repackaging service


    We are able to package and repackage your goods using the specific instructions you provide in order to get them ready for the customer. As for the price, case-by-case pricing is applied. Please contact us to get a quote.

    Choose FBABEE For Your FBA Prep Service

    As a  full-service Amazon FBA 3PL Fulfillment Business,
    we assist FBA sellers with product inspection, preparation, and shipping in China. 

    beginner frendly

    Beginner Friendly

    Our service is good for people who are just starting to use this service.  We have a friendly and helpful staff to guide you through the easy process saving you from the complexity.

    fully customized fba prep service

    Fully-customized FBA Prep

    We give you everything you need, such as labeling, bundling, and repackaging, as part of our Fully-customized FBA Prep service so that your products can be ready to meet Amazon's standards.

    prep service no misplacement risk

    No Misplacement Risk

    We make sure to check that the appropriate barcode is printed on the contents of the packages. We are likewise strict in following Amazon label requirements to provide a high-quality service. 

    cost effective fba prep service


    We try our best to provide you with a competitive price for your Amazon freight forwarding needs and be honest about any additional expenses. In addition, by taking advantage of China's relatively inexpensive labor, you can obtain significantly cheaper prep costs.

    Get FBA Label Service Instant For Your Amz Business

    Our FBA label service is totally easy to follow and user-friendly even if this is just your first time to try such services. Here’s a simple run-through of the process.


    fbabee prep service steps
    STEP 1

    Set Up an Assistance Account

    The first thing you need to do is create an assistance account, and then you need to give us access to the account that you use for seller central. After that, in order to complete your assignment, we will be able to develop FNSKU labels, provide box specifications that include the weight, dimension, and content of the box, and print box labels.

    STEP 2

    Create a Shipping Plan

    After you've set up your assistant account and granted us access, we'll be able to help you set up a delivery model directly in your Amazon Seller Central account. Simple item and quantity listings will do the trick. It's as simple as having Amazon save your plan for you, and from there, we'll handle it.

    STEP 3

    Ship to Amazon

    We ship your inventory directly to Amazon Warehouse. Whether by air or sea, we’ll choose the cargo service that best suits your specific needs. Customs clearances and taxes—we take care of it all. We can even split shipments for optimal delivery, making sure you keep costs down and get your products delivered ASAP.

    STEP 4

    We Prep Your Goods

    Our procedure will now be complete after this step. As soon as the item you ordered is received in our warehouse, we will immediately begin preparing it in accordance with the specifications you provided. As soon as we are through with your preparation, we will either ship it to an Amazon warehouse or wait for further instructions from you.


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