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Amazon FBA private label products are far more common than you may think.

You are probably familiar with famous, international brands that are popular due to big budget advertising and celebrity endorsements. Those brands are also considered private label and are owned by corporations that control how their products are priced or sold.

The regular joe can resell brand name merchandise, but there are restrictions. The company that owns the brand has exclusive rights to market and sell their product.

When doing retail arbitrage, a pure reseller cannot sell newly purchased items as new. If they were bought at a store, the items are technically used even though they were never opened.

There is a growing trend where entrepreneurs are creating more and more private label products. They have a vision for their product plus are willing to go the distance in terms of marketing and sales.

So before you worry about how to increase sales on Amazon, you first need to perfect your Amazon private label product.

Amazon Private Label Strategy – How To Sell Private Label Products On Amazon

Choosing to create private label products to sell on Amazon is an ambitious endeavour. The benefits of launching and selling a private label outweighs all the trouble in setting it up. It will entail a lot of research, hard work and dedication to succeed in promoting and selling your brand.

Complete control of quality, marketing and pricing of all the products made by your brand are the main advantages of building your own private label. To make sure your brand stands out, you need to provide customers with something other brands that sell the same product do not have.

Step 1: Finding the right product

amazon private label strategy

The first step of your Amazon private label strategy should be finding the right product.

Amazon is saturated with so many products that it can be challenging to find a product that you believe in. The product needs to be something that will have sufficient demand.

Remember; it has to be something awesome that will help your business flourish.

Some entrepreneurs merely find the best selling products on Amazon and decide to go into that saturated product market. The trick is to find a product niche that you think will be successful for your business and of course, you will scale up from there.

When selecting a product, there are several factors you need to take into account. The Amazon sales rank of the specific product, this refers to the overall rank of the product on the Amazon platform regarding sales.

The quality of the listing itself is crucial as well. When searching for a product to make your own, choose something where you can compete. Having an attractive listing with premium features that can add value to the market will help your listing rank higher.

Examining product reviews is another vital factor when deciding on a product. Read the reviews associated with the product you are thinking of making your own. Note any negative comments customers had and make sure to improve those on your brand.

However, make sure you learn how to spot fake reviews on Amazon first! Some of the negative comments could be totally made up, and not a good basis on which to make a decision.

This first step in choosing the right product is essential; if you choose a product that is not marketable or does not have a high enough demand then all will be for nought. To find the right product, you’ll have to do Amazon product research. After selecting the correct product and the niche you want to specialise in, then comes the next step.

Step 2: Finding and contacting the product manufacturer

amazon private label manufacturer

To ensure that your Amazon fba private label business provides a quality product, there is no better way to do this than assessing the product yourself. The best way to inspect the quality of a product is to purchase product samples. For convenience sake, you can try to find local suppliers of your product.

Having a local supplier would be more comfortable than having to deal with a supplier from another country. More often than not though, online sellers turn to wholesaling companies in China to for more technologically advanced products and to turn a bigger profit when selling said products.

Contacting legitimate wholesalers is as simple as going to Alibaba, Aliexpress, or other similar sites. Choose suppliers that have been in business for at least three years. The ones with excellent customer feedback should be a requirement for you as well.

When dealing with wholesalers, manufacturers and sellers from China, it is best to pay them using PayPal or Escrow. This way your purchase is protected and you can dispute the charges if ever someone tries to get one over on you.

In case you have the time and resources, you can also travel to China and attend product conventions. There are a lot of these going on year round and these conventions are a great way for you to review and test multiple products at the same time.

Physically being in China will also allow you to visit the manufacturing plants of the products you have chosen. Building personal relationships with your product manufacturer and supplier is another awesome bonus for making the trip to China.

Deciding to go on a business trip to China will also allow you to streamline the next two steps faster. You can request specific design changes to be made to the product you have chosen to make it original to your brand.

Step 3: Build your version of the product, design, and packaging

build your amazon private label

Make the product your own. You can do this using several different methods.

Tweak the product design and add something the rest of the competition does not have. It has to be something that will add value to the product.

If ever you cannot think of something internal to change on the product, then you can add external elements that compliment your product. Trademark information, write, trademark and publish an ebook that talks about all the various uses of your product.

Add complimentary items that give extra value to your product. Something dazzling like an original accessory that other similar products lack.

Doing this will make sure that your brand will stand out and your Amazon FBA private label product will attract a significant number of customers, which means more sales.

Step 4: Create a logo, trademark your product

amazon private label logo design

Design a logo for your brand. An alluring logo can make or break a company. Try your best to create an awesome logo. Get feedback from your friends or family and check which one they respond to better. If needed; hire a graphic designer to create your logo for you professionally.

Have your supplier embed your logo on the product; you can also do it yourself. Print stickers and put that on the product and your packaging as well.

Register your brand on Amazon. Let Amazon know that you are registering your product; you need three things to register your brand at Amazon:

  • The image of your product with the logo of your brand
  • Packaging with your brand logo on the packaging
  • A link to a website that displays your products or brand. A simple site is fine, something from Wix or Shopify is exceptional.

Registering your brand on Amazon will prevent anyone from editing your listing and inadvertently destroying the image of your product. When you have ample time and resources, go to Trademark and register your logo.

Legally registering your logo may take some time but it is well worth it. Continue day to day operations of your business while it is being processed, the trademark can come later.

Step 5: List your product on Amazon

List your private label product on Amazon

Keep in mind that the purpose of making a private label is to attract more customers and dominate your market. You need to learn Amazon listing optimization to make sure buyers find your product.

Creating a complete, well thought out product listing is one of the best ways to efficiently and effectively market your product.

Write a complete title for your product, start with the brand, model, product line, size, material or key feature, colour and quantity if needed. Entering the complete information about your product in the title field will ensure your product comes up in the SERP.

Write concise but compelling bullet points about your product. Highlight the different features and the principal advantages and benefits that only your product has. Give the customer significant reasons why they should choose your listing and not one of the hundred others of the same kind.

List out all technical specifications on the product description section of your listing. Make it a point to add alternate spellings of your product which will help in getting your product a higher ranking in the SERP.

And with this final step, you now know how to sell private label products on Amazon.

Once your products are set up and optimised for Amazon SEO, you can then start to get Amazon reviews to help boost your product sales. You should be private labelling to brands in no time!

You Now Have Private Label Products To Sell On Amazon!

The journey to better control your E-commerce future starts with a private label. Going this route will give you infinitely more control than just being a regular reseller selling other people products. It will take dedication and hard work to build a brand from scratch.

Choose your product, meet a supplier you can trust, create a brand logo, trademark that and register your brand on Amazon then market your listing. Create an online store outside Amazon to earn better profits and sell on other platforms as well. Get more products, rinse and repeat.

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