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Here presents you with all essential Amazon packaging and labeling requirements covering products, shipping boxes, pallets, and More.


Product Packaging Requirements

If you’re a private seller on Amazon, you should package your products to build a solid brand to impress your customers. That’s why ...


Product Labeling Requirements

As part of Amazon FBA criteria, all products are expected to have UPC or FNSKU barcodes on the product packaging. Also, you may need to label Transparency Authenticity Code...


Box Packaging Requirements

Amazon FBA sets requirements on shipping boxes from 5 aspects of box type, box dimensions, box weight, box content, and packing materials generally...

Box Labeling Requirements

Box Labeling Requirements

Aside from Amazon’s requirements on shipping boxes, you are expected to have several labels on the shipping boxes for easy tracking and clear instructions for...


Pallet & Labeling Requirements

Amazon set requirements discussed here include the pallet type, weight, size, and how to build, seal, and load the pallets...

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