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FBABEE is a 3PL company that helps customers handle all Amazon FBA rules. It lets you avoid storage penalties as a prime member. Sell profitably on Amazon in Europe, UK, Canada and the USA with FBABEE Prep center.

FBA Prep Services From FBABEE

Whether you are a new Amazon seller unfamiliar with the logistics of shipping from China to the USA, or an established seller looking to automate Amazon FBA prep, you’ll enjoy the same level of superb customer service and international shipping expertise. 

fbabee fba prep service

Our FBA prep center offers a service that not only collects your inventory but also adequately prepares it and then ships the merchandise on your behalf to Amazon's warehouses. And there is no need to worry because we provide a limitless supply of big and small items.

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fba prep service

FBA Prep Service


We provide Amazon FBA prep services to our clients at every stage, whether it’s for picking up your goods, or inspecting the quality of your packaging cartons, to free storage of your goods. This setup will allow you to save time and money. 

Our distribution center may be found in Shenzhen, which is in China and we serve customers in  America, Europe, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

US Warehouse


Shipped Per Day

10+ tons

China Prep Center

3000 ㎡

Delivery Across the US

5-7 Days

Why choose FBA Prep Logistics with FBABEE

At FBABEE, our clients always come first to ensure. That is why we have made quite a good reputation.

fba prep no minimums order

No Minimums Order

We accommodate your orders at the exact quality we do, even when you choose to avail of the service for a small number of orders.  So you don’t need to feel bad, because our service stands whether, in large quantities or small ones.

No Excessive Storage Fees

We will store your items for up to fourteen days at no cost if you are working with different suppliers and need to ship the goods together. This will save you time and money. 


fba prep no expensive storge fees
fba prep services no long term contract

No Long-term Contracts

You can call a time-out every time you want. If you feel like the service no longer fits the needs of your business, or if you want to explore and try other options, it is all possible with us.

"During the entire process, I praised the team for their professional, trustworthy, and quick manner in conducting the service. I value the job they do in efficiently assisting and verifying our products and samples, which is why we have been doing business with them for the past few months."

One of our client’s review from the United States mentioned that they were impressed with how smooth the FBA prep service process was.

Amazon FBA Prep Service Fees

We offer unique, competitive prices for our FBA prep services. Several customers who have been with us for a very long time have reaped the benefits of our price advantages.

No Hidden Fees or Tricky Penalties

Free Pick-Up

Free Up to 14 Days of Storage

Free Carton Inspection

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