Amazon SEO 101: How To Master Amazon Listing Optimization

Selling on Amazon is a competitive business. Companies of all sizes compete with each other for that next sale in their particular niche. If you are having trouble selling your products then there might be something wrong with your approach.

One main reason your products don’t sell is because Amazon customers aren’t seeing them! Is your product is stuck on page ten of the Amazon SERP(Search Engine Results Page)? If so, you’ll have a tough time making a sale.

It’s time you learn about Amazon SEO, and Amazon listing optimization.

Amazon’s search algorithm is called A9. It runs data on many different factors which dictate your position in the SERP. The relevance factor which matches your product to a customer’s specific query. A9 analyses performance factors and checks metrics like conversion and sales.

Amazon SEO: Mastering Amazon Listing Optimization

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Getting your product to the first SERP won’t be easy, but will be worth it. Many different methods can help get your product on the first page of Amazon.

Follow these steps to learn how to get your product on the first page of Amazon, and to master Amazon listing optimization.

Before you start: Quality Product

An excellent product is a fundamental requirement. You should have a quality product that you believe in. If you decided to sell a product just because your friend said it would be a good idea, take the time to rethink your business model.

Carry out Amazon product research to find the perfect item to sell. Choose something that customers will both enjoy using, and need to use. It also needs to have a high demand and considerably low competition.

It would be best to personally inspect the quality of the product by ordering a sample from the supplier. Once you find the products you know will be a big hit, you will be ready to start on Amazon SEO.

Amazon Listing Optimization

There first thing you need to do is optimize your product listing. It sounds pretty basic, but too many startups fail to do this causing their products to go unnoticed. Each field of your product listing should be complete and SEO friendly.


The title has to cover these key elements:

  • Brand. It is essential that the brand be listed first in the title.
  • Model number or part number.
  • Size. This is unnecessary if your product does not come in different sizes. However, it is key for products with different sizing.
  • Material or Key Feature. E.g. mention the main material clothing is made from, like viscose or cotton. With blend, list the exact blend in the product details.
  • Product Line.
  • Colour. This is unnecessary if your product does not occur in different colours. Try and accurately describe the colour. Include the main colour, and a relevant close variant. E.g. Green, khaki, army green
  • Quantity or packaging. Make it clear how many items your product includes so customers know if they need multiples.


how to get your product on the first page of amazon

Some customers are very particular about the pictures of a product they are interested in buying. There is a good number of customers that only need to look at the title and the image then decide from there.

Make sure all your product pictures are professionally taken, or at least on a white background. Each product has nine slots for photos. Make it a practice to have a shot of each angle, front, left side, front left, right side, front right, back, in action or use.

If you were buying the product, what images of it would you want to see?

Bullet Points

Customers like reading through bullet points. It’s an effective way to show the customer all the advantages your product has to offer.

List out the top five features, advantages and benefits that you want potential customers to see when reading about your product.

Be specific when highlighting the features of your product. Customers want to read about how the product can solve their need. State facts about how your product can do just that for them.

Write all numbers in numbers in numerical format; Use semicolons to separate phrases within one bullet point. Detail any and all measurements.

Include any pertinent information about the product like age appropriateness, warranty information, product dimensions etc. Again, make sure to highlight why your product is fantastic.

Product description

The product description section is where you need to list out the complete product specifications. List out all your product’s technical specifications, materials, measurements, physical details, colour, weight, You need to include the alternate names, terms or spellings of the product.

The A9 search algorithm also indexes the product description section so the information you include here will have a bearing on the SERP as well. Make it a point to have the most complete product description page possible.

Category and sub-category

Since some customers search products through categories, it is vital to index your product under the correct category. Choosing the right category is very straightforward, just select the correct option on the drop-down menu.

Do the same for the sub-category as well. Making the mistake of registering your product in the incorrect category can end up costing you some sales.

Shortened URL

When sharing your product URL, you’ll want to share a shortened version. Amazon’s URLs tend to be quite lengthy, making them look unattractive.

To shorten your URL you will need to:

  • Search your store on Amazon
  • Type and search for the item you want to rank for
  • Copy the URL result that pulls up your product
  • Use to create a short URL

Utilize the link and share it on social media to drive traffic to your product. Use this in conjunction with a coupon or when running flash sales

Other Ways To Get Your Product On The First Page Of Amazon

amazon optimization for product listings

Amazon listing optimization is the key way for your products to climb the Amazon SERPs. However, there are other methods you can use in conjunction with Amazon optimization to boost your product rankings.

Run Promotions

Initiate a 24-hour flash sale for the product you are trying to rank. Post the start date and time on Facebook review groups or better yet tell your seller buddies about the upcoming sale where you will make knock 75% off with free shipping. Maybe also ask them for an honest review.

Do the math and only allot a set number of your inventory to the sale.

The point of running a flash sale is to accumulate sales for the sole purpose of ranking up. Another way to do this is by creating coupons that are redeemable on Amazon.

Create coupons to sell your products at a 60-80% discount. Some sellers even give products away for free by proving a coupon that provides the customer with 100% off the product price. This is all for the sake of climbing to the top of the SERPs.

If you learn how to increase Amazon sales, you’ll also be able to boost your product rankings.

Get more (positive) reviews

amazon optimization listing reviews

Getting good legitimate reviews is one of the fastest ways to get your product to rank higher. There are many effective methods for how to get reviews on Amazon.

One of the most natural methods to get reviews is through using an email autoresponder to provide excellent customer service and asking for a review.

Launching a flash sale or doing promotions is also an excellent way to accumulate reviews and sales at the same time. Sure, you may take a small hit at first from giving your product away but the organic sales you will generate after should more than make up for that.

Tapping in on the help of a social media influencer is also another excellent method to rack up amazing sales and reviews. Merely send in your product for free to a youtube influencer and ask them to review your product on their channel.

If they ask you for payment, be open to discussion. Many influencers will be willing to negotiate and adjust the promotion to suit your budget. Think of it as part of your marketing budget for the month. Even if only 3% of their followers buy your product, there would be a massive increase on your sales and reviews as well.

Just make sure you choose an influencer with a good sized following who’s audience aligns with your target audience.

Utilize PPC (Pay per click) advertising

Use Amazon pay per click advertising or run sponsored ads. Once you have the first steps done, then you know the money that you will be spending on pay per click advertising will be worth it.

Start by using an automatic campaign then you can experiment with manual campaigns as well.

Test different variations of campaigns and see which one works for you. Once you have advertisements that work, keep those and delete the ineffective ones. Ramp up the daily budget for the ads that do work and observe further.

The more sales you get from PPC then, the higher your product will appear on the search results. You will then get more organic sales since your product’s rank is higher.

The Key To Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO

Start with a product that you believe in and take it all the way to the top. Start your Amazon optimization for your product by creating optimized titles, and highlight the features, advantages and benefits of your product.

Make sure to explain how your product is the answer they have been looking for. Write the most detailed product descriptions you possibly can. Use professional images with a white background.

Launch various promotions and flash sales to accumulate sales conversions. At the same time use pay per click in Amazon and Facebook during and after these promotions for a steady stream of organic sales.

Utilize an autoresponder to provide excellent customer service and ask for reviews. When your ready tap into the power of social media influencers for a massive jump in sales, make sure your inventory can handle it.

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