75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Export and Shipping Requirements

With the worsening and deepening of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, everyone is excluding the masks for anti-epidemic materials, such as no-clean hand sanitizer, alcohol disinfectant, and the latest new coronary pneumonia virus testing reagents. Qualification requirements for manufacturers, export customs clearance, declaration and overseas Understanding the access conditions of major countries has become more urgent.

Today, BeClease, a hand sanitizer manufacturer, consults our team and asks for help to help their customers export hand sanitizers from China.

So I brought you the latest export trade guidelines for alcohol rinse-free hand sanitizer. Hope to help the majority of foreign trade export and freight forwarding logistics enterprises.

Is Hand Sanitizer Flammable for Shipping?

According to the regulations in the 2015 Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals of the Ministry of Emergency Management, ethanol solutions containing more than 24% are dangerous goods, so alcohol containing more than 24% are dangerous goods. Graduation at the time of exporting operates in accordance with the International Air Dangerous Goods Regulations and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Regulations.

The customs supervision condition for hand sanitizer is AB, that is, the entry customs clearance form and the entry customs clearance form are required. The statutory inspection and quarantine conditions for HS are M / N, that is, inspection of imported goods and inspection of exported goods.

75% alcohol disinfectant wipes belong to category 4.1 dangerous goods, UN3175; 75% alcohol disposable hand sanitizer belongs to category 3 dangerous goods, UN number is 1170, type II or III packaging.

According to the provisions of the 2015 Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals of the Ministry of Emergency Management, ethanol solutions containing more than 24% are dangerous goods, so alcohol containing more than 24% are dangerous goods, and the above listed are dangerous goods. Dangerous goods rules and international maritime dangerous goods rules to operate!

For disinfectant wipes containing alcohol, according to the content of liquid components in the wipes, those containing higher levels of alcohol are still dangerous goods. There is also a very common isopropyl alcohol disinfectant wipes, which are also dangerous goods. It is particularly important to note here that disinfectant wipes, because they belong to the solid category, so the dangerous goods category is 4.1, UN3175, II packaging. Dangerous goods can be handled by air and sea.

  • UN proper shipping name (in Chinese): solid containing flammable liquid, not otherwise specified
  • UN proper shipping name (English): SOLIDS CONTAINING FLAMMABLE LIQUID, N.O.S.

Alcohol hand sanitizer is a Class 3 dangerous product UN 1170

  • UN proper shipping name (Chinese): ethanol (alcohol) or ethanol solution (alcohol solution)

Part of the disinfectant and hand sanitizer is isopropanol. Isopropanol belongs to Class 3 dangerous goods. UN1219, Class II packaging. The special name for transportation is “Isopropanol”

  • UN proper shipping name (Chinese): Isopropyl alcohol
  • UN proper shipping name (English): ISOPROPANOL (ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL)

The export requires a dangerous package certificate

I believe that many factories and traders are often confused or distressed by the dangerous package certificate: there are foreign customers, orders, and goods, even if the dangerous package certificate cannot be produced, but the dangerous goods export must have a dangerous package certificate!

The full name of the dangerous package certificate is the “Identification Result Sheet for the Use of Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging”, or “Dangerous Package Certificate” for short, which is the authoritative certification document for dangerous goods packaging, issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau (now merged into the customs system). Export declarations must be provided.

Can You Shipping Hand Sanitizer to China?

For the export of dangerous goods, the state stipulates that for the packaging of dangerous goods for export, the packaging production enterprise must apply to the inspection and quarantine machine for the performance evaluation of the packaging container, and issue the “Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Performance Evaluation Result Sheet”, referred to as “performance sheet”.

All companies that make dangerous packages are to provide performance sheets for the production of dangerous goods for export, and use the identification of the packaging containers to the inspection and quarantine agencies, and issue the “outbound dangerous goods transportation packaging use evaluation results list”, which is what we call the dangerous packages.

Dangerous goods shall be provided with a dangerous package certificate and other relevant materials before the ship sails to declare dangerous goods to the Maritime Safety Administration and Port Authority. This is what we often say about making a declaration.

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